Rudolph II, Emperor of Germany

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Title: Emperor of Germany

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referencedIn Sloane 1770Chartaceus, in 4to., ff. 246, sec. XVII.1. Thomae Willis formulae remediorum variae et medicamenta quaedam. ff. 2-28.2. Quaedam de febrium prognosi, de vomitu, etc., ex Thomae Willis Pharmaceut. Ration. f. 29b.3. Emeticorum formulae. f. 30... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS LETTERS AND PAPERS mostly relating to the Spanish War of Succession; 1697-1710, 1576-1577. Italian, Latin and Spanish. Copies, partly printed. Letters and papers of the Emperors Leopold I and Joseph I, Louis XIV of France, Charles III o... British Library
referencedIn EDMONDES PAPERS. Vol. VII. (ff. 321). 26 March, 1611-30 June, 1612. During this period affairs connected with the succession of Cleves were quiet. The two Electors were content, after Juliers had been recaptured, to renew their engagement to continue... British Library
referencedIn TRANSCRIPTS Of instructions to Ambassadors and other similar state-papers; tempp. Hen. VIII.-Eliz.[between 1509-1603]:-1. Instructions to Sir Anthony St,. Leger, K.G., Lord Deputy, and others " whome his majestie hath appointed to be of his Highnes ..., 1509-1603 British Library
creatorOf TRUMBULL PAPERS. Vol. CCXII (ff. 100). Two tracts relating to French diplomacy; 1498-1585. Latin and French. Copies, in a single hand, circa late 16th-early 17th cent. French. Paper: ff. 100. 325 x 210mm. Watermarks include one similar to C. M. Briqu..., 1498-1640 British Library
referencedIn Mint: Observations on the Bill intitled, A Bill to prevent the exportation of bullion and to encourage the bringing in of foreign silver: [1691].Medicine: Treatises on urines: 11th-17th cent.: Lat., Engl., and Dutch: Imperf.includes:ff. 1-23 Abu Ba... British Library
referencedIn Alchemy: General collections and anonymous treatises and processes in prose and verse; in chronological order: 14th-18th centt.includes:f. 2 b Walter Gwynn: Epigrammata: 17th cent.ff. 3-14 George Ripley, Canon of Bridlington: Accurtationes et pra... British Library
referencedIn PAPERS relating to Papal conclaves, chiefly to those from 1590 to 1605, consisting of notes and discourses on the manner of conducting them, copies of letters to the Duke of Sessa and others, etc., in Latin, Spanish, and Italian. Among them are:-1. ..., 1590-1605 British Library
referencedIn Sloane 2125Paper, in Octavo, ff. 69, XVII Century.1. A Treatise on the Philosopher's Stone, by Basilius Valentinus, Benedictine Monk [of Erfurt, 15th Cent.]. German. f. 1-55.2. 'Particularia a Basilianis non omnino aliena:' consisting of various proc... British Library
referencedIn Commission to Ralph Lord Eure and others, to treat with Rudolph II. of Germany and Christian IV. of Denmark; 1602.Rudolph II; Emperor of Germany: Commission from Qu. Elizabeth to treat with him on matters of commerce: 1602.Ralph Eure, 3rd Baron Eure:... British Library
referencedIn COLLECTIONS relating to Nuremberg by Johann Wilhelm Kress von Kressenstein, viz.:-1. "Bericht von den alten Nürnbergischen Geschlechten so von alten Zeiten hero dem Statt Regiment vorgestanden;" with engraved portraits and arms in colours, f. 4. 2. ..., 1469-1699 British Library
referencedIn EDMONDES PAPERS. VOL. III. (ff. 385). 21 Feb. 1605-22 Mar. 1606, N.S. Edmondes started for Brussels on 19 April, 1605, and his first letter here is dated 3 May, containing an account of the Marquis Ambrosio Spinola, the newly-appointed Spanish Genera... British Library
referencedIn Vols. CXXIII, CXXIV (ff. 1-226, 227-461). Papers as above, 17th-18th centt., including the following:-(1) Transcriptions from Florentine registers, copies of letters and patents; 1611-1670. ff. 1-10. (2) 'Informazione del parentado con Mantova', a m..., 17th century-18th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. II. 1. LETTER-BOOK, continuing the correspondence in the preceding volume; 1589-1591. Inserted (ff. 27, 30 b, 33) are three original letters of J[ohn St. John, 2nd Baron] St. John to Sir H. Cromwell; 8 Mar. 1590 [1]-5 Apr. 1591. ff. 1-35. 2. Mis..., 1589-1605 British Library
creatorOf TRUMBULL PAPERS. Vol. CXCVIII (ff. 179). G. R. Weckherlin: Personal papers and correspondence, partly relating to his official duties, together with some family letters, etc.; 1615-1651. Several of the letters and other items relate to literary matte..., 1588-1651 British Library
referencedIn Georg Zobel, Councillor and Secretary at Friedrichsburg: Confirmation of his arms (in colour), etc.: 1605.Rudolph II; Emperor of Germany: Confirmation of arms by: 1605.Heraldry: Grants and confirmations of arms by German Emperors, etc., with arms in ... British Library
referencedIn EDMONDES PAPERS. Vol. V. (ff. 385.) 28 Mar. 1608-23 Mar. 1608[9]. This volume is principally taken up with the Peace Negotiations at the Hague. Ney was sent to Spain at the end of March to procure ampler instructions on the disputed points, viz., the... British Library
referencedIn STATE PAPERS and correspondence relating to the affairs of Scotland, chiefly in connection with England; 1449-1594. Among the papers relating to Mary, Queen of Scots, are transcripts of the proceedings of the Commissions at York and Westminster in 15..., 1449-approximately 1594 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS TRACTS on European and Italian history; circa 1577-1677. Italian, Latin and Spanish. Partly printed. Relates mostly to the rights of the Church to Italian states such as Ferrara, Modena, Comacchio, the investiture and the rights of the ... British Library
referencedIn FUNERAL ceremonies, performed, chiefly in the Netherlands, in honour of sovereigns and princes; 1497-1720. Fr. The obsequies are described, among others, of-Isabella, of Castille; 1504, f. 16 b;-Philip the Fair, son of the Emperor Maximilian I.; 1506..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL LETTERS, chiefly of Members of the Houses of Austria, Bavaria, and the Palatinate of the Rhine, from 1428 to 1717 viz. :-Letter of Jacques [de Bourbon, Comte de la Marche], styled King of Hungary, Jerusalem, and Sicily, granting free pardon ..., 1428-1717 British Library
referencedIn John Leslie, Bishop of Ross: Correspondence with Mary, Queen of Scots, Rudolph II., and others: 1576, 1578.: Lat.: Copies.includes:ff. 1, 1 b. 2 Mary of Scotland: Letters to the Bishop of Ross,: Jan., April and July, 1578.: Lat.: Copies.f. 2 John... British Library
referencedIn COMMONPLACE-BOOK of Gilbert Frevile, of Bishop Middleham, co. Durham, containing notes of sermons by Puritan and other divines, miscellancous historical matter, etc. Tables of contents are at ff. 2 b, 188. The date 1591 on the cover is perhaps that o..., 1579-1622 British Library
referencedIn ACCOUNT of the taking of Navarino and Modon by the Venetians, under Francesco Morosini, 1686; Ital., f. 1; Suggestions for the defence of the Morea; Ital., f. 13; "Scrittura del Bailo Barbaro che trattó la pace di Cipro," f. 26; "Relatione della camp..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS LETTERS and papers; 16th cent.-1864. A Exhortation from R[ichard], Archbishop of Canterbury, to the Cistercian order, to pay tithes of their lands to the clergy ; [1179]. Lat. (See Hist. Littéraire, vol. xiv., p. 618). Copy, 16th cent. ..., 16th century-1864 British Library
referencedIn HISTORICAL PAPERS relating to Rome covering the years 1510-1621; 17th cent. Italian, Latin and Spanish. The MS. contains the biography of Innocent VIII (i.e. Giovanni Battista Cybo); papers relating to the treaty of Liga and the peace between the Emp... British Library
referencedIn Lieutenant Gedeon Bonnivert, son of Paschall and Judith Bonnivert of Sedan in Champagne: Papers and collections of, in prose and verse: 15th-17th centt.includes:ff. 2-16 b Theology: On penance and confession, tribulation and temptation, contemplati... British Library
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Spain, Europe
Gran, Hungary
London, England
Venice, Italy
Lubeck, Germany
London, England
Ireland, Europe
Eichstadt, Bavaria
Florence, Italy
Flanders, Belgium
Lothian, Scotland
Düsseldorf, Westphalia
Glasgow, Scotland
Wachtendonck, Prussia
Spanish Netherlands, Europe
Cocklaw, Teviotdale
Wurzburg, Germany
Dunfermline, Fifeshire
Venice, Republic of, Europe
Netherlands, Europe
Netherlands, Europe
County Durham, England
Mar, Aberdeenshire
Piacenza, Italy
Orkney Islands, Scotland
Wales, United Kingdom
Ireland, Europe
Tuscany, Italy
Devenish, Fermanagh
Navarino, Greece
Home Castle, Berwickshire
Linlithgow, Linlithgow
Teviotdale, Roxburghshire
Heighington, Durham
New Jersey, U.S.A.
Buchan, Aberdeenshire
Embden, Hanover
Ireland, Europe
Emborrow, Somerset
Bruges, Belgium
Royston, Hertfordshire
Turkey, Asia Minor
Sédan, France
Venice, Italy
Christianople, Denmark
Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland
Liddesdale, Roxburghshire
Banffshire, Scotland
Cadiz, Spain
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Morocco, North Africa
Brussels, Belgium
Merse, Scotland
Antwerp, Belgium
Gainford, Durham
Oxford, Oxfordshire
Spanish Netherlands, Europe
Fast Castle, Berwickshire
Lucca, Italy
Italy, Europe
Goro, Italy
Spain, Europe
Livorno, Italy
Modon, Greece
Dalmatia, Province of, Croatia
London, England
Preswen, Cumberland
Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Stade, Germany
Parma, Italy
Antwerp, Belgium
Maremma, Tuscany
Embden, Hanover
Edinburgh, Scotland
Messina, Sicily
Comacchio, Italy
Siena, Italy
Italy, Europe
West Indies, America
Strathbogy, Aberdeenshire
Sweden, Europe
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Venice, Italy
Harrington, Northamptonshire
Netherlands, Europe
Gap, France
Venice, Italy
Pisa, Italy
Italy, Europe
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Newark, Nottinghamshire
Antwerp, Belgium
Sondrio, Lombardy
Cayenne, French Guiana
Gorgeau, France
Gariauch, Aberdeenshire
Greenwich, Kent
Morea, Greece
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Albania, Province of, Albania
Ibiza, Spain
Hampton Court, Middlesex
Netherlands, Europe
Paris, France
Nuremberg, Bavaria
San Cesario sul Panaro, Emilia-Romagna
Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland
Shetland Islands, Scotland
Norwich, Norfolk
Turkey, Asia Minor
Venice, Italy
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Virginia, U.S.A.
Mulheim, Germany
Cyprus, Asia Minor
Florence, Italy
Ireland, Europe
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Venice, Italy
Daventry, Northamptonshire


Active 1428

Active 1864

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