Talbot, Gilbert, Sir, of Add MS 15858

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Title: 7th Earl of Shrewsbury

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000386.0x000224

Epithet: Master of the Jewel House

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001084.0x0002eb

Epithet: fl circa 1234

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001123.0x000115

Epithet: of Add MS 15858

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001084.0x0002ec

Epithet: of Add MS 18675

Title: Earl of Shrewsbury

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001084.0x00028c

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Role Title Holding Repository
referencedIn ESSEX PAPERS. Vol. VII. (ff. 338). Sept.-Dec. 1674. 1. Letters from Sir William Temple, enclosing news of the campaign between the Confederates and the French, etc.; the Hague, 13 Sept., 12 Oct., 13 Nov. 1674. ff. 4, 104, 106, 169, 171. 2. Warrant fo... British Library
referencedIn HODGKIN PAPERS. Vol. III (ff. 192). Military and Naval papers, 1601-1786, including a number of letters and papers of Gen. Monck. Contents:— 1. Statement of a month's pay for Her Majesty's forces in the Low Countries, 13 May -9 June, 1601. With a re..., 1601-1786 British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL LETTERS and documents, official and private; 1513-1839. Arranged in two series, English and Foreign, as follows:-I. English Series:-1. Warrant of Henry VIII. to [George Talbot, 4th] Earl of Shrewsbury, " Steuard of our houshold and Lieute..., 1513-1839 British Library
referencedIn Gilbert Talbot, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury: Bonds by and to: 1590, 1610.Sir Charles Cavendish, of Welbeck Abbey: Bond to J. Talbot: 1610.: Signed.John Talbot, d 1611 of Grafton; son of Sir John Talbot (d. 1555): Bonds, general releases, etc., by and to: ... British Library
referencedIn 1. SURVEY of the manor of Dorking, co. Surrey; early xviith cent. Imperfect. f. 1. An unexecuted conveyance of a messuage, called Gallons, in Shere, co. Surrey, temp. James I., formed the wrapper, f. 34. 2. "The Survaie Booke of the Mannor of Kings B..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn HERALDIC COLLECTIONS of Sir William Dugdale, Vol. I; 1606-1685. ff. ii + 229. 1. Papers relating to the order of the Garter, viz. (a) Warrants for removing achievements and changing the order of stalls on the election of new knights, and for delivery..., 1606-1685 British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL LETTERS of royal and illustrious persons, in the following order: Jamys Tyrell [afterwards Governor of the Tower of London] to Robert Hanforth, 1 Apr., 18 Edw. IV. [1478]. Signed, f. 1; Oath of confirmation of a treaty with Charles V., signe..., 1478-approximately 1735 British Library
referencedIn VOL. II.-Letter from Theodore Haak to John Evelyn, 27 Nov. 1671 (with a portrait), f 6;-Fac-simile of a letter from John Hampden to Col. Bulstrode and others, 31 Oct. 1631 (with a portrait), f. 8;-Order signed by Sir William Hamilton for Major Robert..., 1624-1712 British Library
referencedIn ESSEX PAPERS. VOl. X. (ff. 387). Jan.-June, 1676. 1. Warrant for £20,000 yearly from Ireland, to be paid to William Chiffinch, " to be employed in our buildings at Windsor Castle Whitehall, 15 Jan. 1676. f. 28. 2. Letters from Sir William Temple; Hag... British Library
referencedIn 1. FRAGMENTS of a history of the war of the Roses, from 1461 to 1483, with notes from Habington's "History of Edward IV." In the handwriting of Sir John Percival, Bart. f. 4. 2. Biographical notices of members of the Long Parliament. Imperfect. In th..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn HEATH AND VERNEY PAPERS. Vol. I (ff. 321). Miscellaneous State papers, etc., 1603-1659. The principal contents are as follows :-1. Weekly statistics of burials in London from the plague and otherwise, 24 Dec. 1602-22 Dec. 1603, and 6 Jail.-22 Dec. 16..., 1602-1659 British Library
referencedIn Henry Talbot, son of George, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury: Bonds by, and to: 1590-1594.Gilbert Talbot, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury: Bonds by and to: 1590, 1610.George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury: Bond by his son, as his executor: 1590. British Library
referencedIn ESSEX PAPERS Vol. VI. (ff. 416). Apr.-Aug. 1674. 1. Letters from Sir Joseph Williamson; Cologne, 3/13, 14/24 Apr. 1674. ff. 17, 51. 2. Warrant for an audit of the accompts of Lord Ranelagh and his partners, as farmers of the Revenue in Ireland, on ac... British Library
referencedIn CORRESPONDENCE and papers of the family of Seymour, Barons Seymour of Trowbridge, and chiefly of Charles Seymour, of Marlborough, who succeeded to the title in 1664, including some papers of the family of Seymour, Earls and Marquesses of Hertford; 16... British Library
referencedIn "OF THE JEWELL HOUSE, with the ancient rights belonging to the Master and Treasurer thereof " ; by Sir Gilbert Talbot, Knt., Master and Treasurer. The tract is dated 20 May, 1680, and embodies an account of the author's services to Charles II. and hi... British Library
referencedIn VOL. II. 1. Letters to Sir G. Downing from [Sir] William Morrice; London, 4 Jan. [1663]-21 July [1665], ff. 4, 32, 33, 110, 122, 127, 160. [Denzill Holles, Baron] Holles [Ambassador at Paris]; Paris, 11/1 Jan. 1663-17/7 July, 1665. With seals. ff. 1..., 1644-1682 British Library
referencedIn COLE REGALIA PAPERS. Papers of, or collected by, Robert Cole, F.S.A., relating to the provision of the new regalia for the coronation of Charles II; 1662-1842. As follows:-(1) Treasury order for the payment to Robert Viner (1st Bart. 1666, Lord Mayo..., 1662-1842 British Library
referencedIn May -Dec. 1660.includes:f. 1 James Sharp, Minister of Crail, afterwards Archbishop of St. Andrews: Letter to Provost Wood: 1660, 1661. f. 1 James Wood, Provost of the Old College, St. Andrews: Letter to, from Rev. J. Sharp: 1660, 1661. f. 2 Margar... British Library
referencedIn A COLLECTION of papers chiefly relating to the English drama, temp. Hen. VII.-1778; formed by John Payne Collier, who has inserted a brief description of each article:-1. Note of a payment to Alexander Mason, "Marescallo minstrallorum Regis, et alii..., 1493-1685 British Library
referencedIn VOL. III. 1669, 1670.[Sir] Thomas Gore, ff. 22, 91-186 passim, 300-419 passim. [Thomas Hickman-Windsor, 7th Windsor], f. 233. E. Mountagu, f. 239. Diana Rich [? daughter of Henry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland], ff. 241-248. A[nne, wife of Edward Montagu,..., 1669-1670 British Library
creatorOf LETTERS AND PAPERS; 1597-1894, n.d. Presented anonymously, with Add. Ch. 75457, 75731 and 75732, through J. L. Douthwaite, Esq., and the Friends of the National Libraries. Paper; ff. 100. Folio. 1597-1894. Included are:– 1. ff. 1-1b. Order by William..., 1597-1899 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS autographs, 1603-1701, viz.: 1. Warrant from "the Nobilitie and others, assembled at Whytehall," to the Lord Treasurer Buckhurst to pay to Mr. Montpesson, one of the "Quyries" of the Royal Stables, the sum of £100 to defray the expenses..., 1603-1701 British Library
creatorOf SIR WILLIAM HAYWARD al. HAWARD, OF TANDRIDGE: miscellaneous genealogical, heraldic and historical collections; temp. William I [between 1066-1087-circa 1647. Autograph. Partly imperfect. Partly Latin and French. Hayward, who was knighted in 1643 and ..., 1066-1590 British Library
referencedIn CORRESPONDENCE Of the family of Pitt, chiefly of Sir William Pitt, Teller of the Exchequer and Commissioner of the Navy (ob. 1636), and of his son Edward Pitt, Teller of the Exchequer (ob. 1643) 1598-1650. Included are the following letters, etc. 1. ..., 16th century-17th century British Library
referencedIn LEEDS PAPERS. Vol. LXXIX (ff. v+39). Antiquities of the families of Darcy de Knayth (ff. 2b-56), Conyers of Hornby, N.R., co. York, (ff. 81-108b), Meimill of Whorlton in Cleveland, N.R., co. York (ff. 61-77) and of Melton (ff. 115-126b) and other fam..., 1677 British Library
referencedIn BILLS for expenses of prisoners in the Gatehouse at Westminster, rendered quarterly to the Privy Council by successive Keepers of the prison, and signed by members of the Council; 29 Sept. 1596-24 June 1606, with gaps. The Keepers for the period are ... British Library
referencedIn VOL. II.; 1671-1673: Fr. Whitaker; Jan.-Mar. 1670/1 , and 6 Feb. 1672/3 , ff. 1, 3, 7, 13, 18, 24, 29, 32, 39, 468. E. De La Val [the Duke's half-sister, daughter of Lord Newburgh]; Jan.-Nov. 1671, ff. 5, 22, 60, 70, 74, 101, 136. William Richards; ..., 1671-1673 British Library
creatorOf PAPERS AND CORRESPONDENCE CHIEFLY RELATING TO MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS and the conspiracies and plots involving her; 1559-1594, n.d. Some Latin, French and Spanish. Mostly contemporary copies. Further official copies of many of the items are in Cotton MS..., 1558-1626 British Library
Role Title Holding Repository
Relation Name
Place Name Admin Code Country
Flintshire, Wales
Castle-Cary, Somerset
East, Hundred of, Rutland
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Bergen, Norway
Georgia, U.S.A.
Bridgetown, Cork
Ireland, Europe
Virginia, U.S.A.
Netherlands, Europe
Market Deeping, Lincolnshire
Sussex, England
Dublin, Ireland
Oxford, Oxfordshire
Portsmouth, Hampshire
Wick, Wiltshire
Wiltshire, England
Netherlands, Europe
Kirton, Lincolnshire
Lubeck, Germany
Chapel Allerton, Yorkshire
Bermuda Islands, North Atlantic Ocean
Somerset, England
Muskerry, Cork
Marlborough, Wiltshire
Deptford, Kent
Southwold, Suffolk
Derbyshire, England
Innisboffin Island, Mayo
London, England
Alstoe, Hundred of, Rutland
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Oxfordshire, England
Castle-Martyr, Cork
Delagoa, S. Africa
Soham, Cambridgeshire
Southwold Bay, Suffolk
London, England
Rutland, England
Saxilby, Lincolnshire
Northamptonshire, England
Sinzheim, Baden
Berkshire, England
Netherlands, Europe
London, England
Devizes, Wiltshire
Cottesmore, Rutland
Maryborough, Queen's County
Chirk Castle, Denbighshire
Newtown-Killevally, Meath
Lincolnshire, England
Woolwich, Kent
Hertfordshire, England
Brasted, Kent
London, England
Strafforth and Tickhill, Wapentake of, Yorkshire
Wimbish, Essex
Cork, Ireland
Chester, Cheshire
Merton, Oxfordshire
Jamaica, Central America
Knowle, Somerset
Windsor, Berkshire
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire
Studley, Oxfordshire
Dublin, Ireland
Preshute, Wiltshire
Netherlands, Europe
Dorset, England
Collyweston, Northamptonshire
Shiere al. Shere, Surrey
Wales, United Kingdom
Kent, England
Langden, Wiltshire
Aston cum Aughton, West Riding of Yorkshire
Dulwich, Surrey
Otford, Kent
Ulster, Province of, Northern Ireland
Wexford, Wexford
Northampton, Northamptonshire
Bearwood, Berkshire


Active 1501

Active 1899

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