Charles I, of England

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Accession date: 1625

Places: England

Title: of England

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referencedIn Vol. II, ff. 265, XIXth cent. Quarto.Henry Rich, Baron Kensington; Earl of Holland; Ambassador to France: Copies of his letters when negotiating the marriage of Charles I. with Henrietta Maria: 1624, 1625.includes:ff. 117-263 James Hay, Viscount Donc..., 19th century British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION of papers and tracts relating to Rome, France, Spain, Piedmont, Florence, the German Empire, England, Venice, Naples and Sicily, Malta, Bohemia, and Urbino; circa 1542-1653. Italian, Spanish, and Latin. Copies. The MS. includ... British Library
referencedIn THE FIVE KNIGHTS' CASE, King's Bench; 15-28 Nov. 1627. Also called Sir Thomas Darnell's case, although Sir Thomas Darnell, Bart., withdrew early in the proceedings. The 'five knights', who had been imprisoned on the order of Charles I for refusing to..., 1625-1649 British Library
referencedIn HISTORY Of the negotiations of [John Digby] Earl of Bristol for the Spanish match between Prince Charles and the Infanta, 1611-1626; together with an account of the charges afterwards brought against the Earl in respect of the same. Transcripts of t... British Library
referencedIn Copies of papers relating to the Scotch invasion of England in 1640; consisting of correspondence between Charles I. and the Scotch commissioners, petitions to the King from the English peers, the citizens of London and others, names of Scotch prison..., 17th century-18th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. V., 1677-1695:-1. Sir T. Higgons to Secretary Henry Coventry, on his negotiations; Venice, 15, 22 Jan., 19 Febr., 5, 12 March, 167,; 9 April, 1677. Hologr. ff. 1, 3, 22, 24, 26, 28. 2. Proceedings in the House of Lords on the re-assembling of P..., 1677-1695 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS papers,chiefly political; 1559-1705. Included are:-1. [Pietro Paolo] Vergerio [the younger, Italian reformer] to Queen Elizabeth; Heidelberg, 29 Oct. 1559. Ital. Copy. f. 1. 2. Answer of Queen Elizabeth in council to the Spanish ambass..., 1559-1705 British Library
referencedIn LETTERS PATENT of Charles I conferring a baronetcy on John Conniers, of Norden, co. Durham; 14 July 1628. Ornamental border at the top, with pen-and-ink portrait of the King in the initial. British Library
referencedIn THURLOE PAPERS. Vol. II (ff. 215). Viz:-(1) Ratification by the Parliament of pension of £400 to Sir Archibald Johnston; 16 March 1649/50. Copy. f. 1. (2) Oliver Cromwell to John Cotton, Pastor of Boston, New England; 2 Oct. 1651. Copy. Printed in t... British Library
referencedIn (Gr. xlii.) " A DECLARATION setting forth how and by what means the lawes and statutes of England from time to time came to bee of force in the kingdome of Ireland " ; written in 1641 (f. 46). With the note at the end, in the same band, "per Bolton, ..., 1770 British Library
referencedIn Speculum ecclesiæ: Speculum humanæ salvationis,: 14th-15th cent.: Imperf. at both ends.Saint Bernard,; Abbot of Clairvaux: Speculum humanæ salvationis: 14th-15th cent.Art. Illuminations and Drawings FLEMISH: Speculum humanæ salvationis: 14th British Library
referencedIn TRANSCRIPTS Of State Papers, 1618-1679, with other pieces:-1. " Brief observations in Chancery Practice." f 3. 2. Proclamation of James I. on the subject of Sunday recreation; Greenwich, 24 May, ao 16 [1618]. f. 4. 3. " The grounds of unity in Relig... British Library
referencedIn PAPERS of William Gwavas, of Newlyn, Penzance, relating to the Cornish language, chiefly collected at Newlyn, Mousehole and St. Just; 1709-1736. 1. Letters of John Boson to William Gwavas, containing a version of the Lord's Prayer, two epitaphs on [,..., 17th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn John Downes, MD, Physician to St. Bartholomew's and Christ's Hospitals: Medical collections: 1640-1695.includes:f. 1 Thomas Croyden, MD of Padua; Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge: Letter to J. Abdy: circ. 1647.ff. 1, 4, 5 Sir John Abdy: Corre... British Library
referencedIn " DOMINIUM maris Britannici. . . . per D. Ioannem de Burgo," etc.: a Latin version of the treatise as above, No. 286, with copious marginal references, and a dedication to Charles I. Paper; ff. 24. xviith cent. Small Folio.Political Tracts: "The Sove... British Library
referencedIn A PANEGYRIC of Charles I. of England, with prefatory letter inscribed "All' Immortal Heroe Sacro Re' d' Inghiltera," by Fra Clemente Fior[entino] de' Predicatori; dat. Venice, 6 Nov. 1637. Italian. Paper; XVIIth cent.; with the royal arms of England ..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn PROCEEDINGS against John Digby, Earl of Bristol, for his conduct of the negotiations at Madrid for a marriage between Charles, Prince of Wales, and the Infanta of Spain, consisting of copies of articles, speeches, letters, etc. ; 1624-1628. The conte... British Library
referencedIn COMMONPLACE-BOOK of [William Lloyd, Bishop of Norwich; cf. J. H. Overton, The Nonjurors, pp. 38-46]; mainly transcripts of religious and political papers. Names of authors, etc., are in the bishop's autograph. The principal contents are as follows:-..., 1680-1740 British Library
referencedIn Vol. III, ff. 284, 26 Feb. 1639-19 Oct. 1658includes:ff. 50-92, 96-109 Huntingdonshire: Assessments, etc., for moneys levied by Parliainent in: 1641, 1642, 1645-6. ff. 50-92, 96-109 Charles I of England: Assessments, etc., for moneys levied in co. H... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS papers, consisting chiefly of bonds, depositions, accounts, and public documents, relating to Dover and the Cinque Ports; 1566-1784. Among them are:-1. Certificate of a payment made by the Mayor and Commonalty of Dover for a share in a..., 1566-1784 British Library
referencedIn ). MISCELLANEOUS original letters and papers, etc., 1645-1910. Paper (except art. A) ff. 202. Folio., 1645-1910 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS original letters, in Italian, French, English and Latin; 1484-1818, viz.: 1. "Andreas de Bentiuolijs, Comes," addressed "[D]omino Joanni Lan[fredino] Oratori Floren[tino a]pud serenissimum Regem [Ferdina]ndum;" Bologna, 16 July, 1484. I..., 1484-1818 British Library
referencedIn Westham, Sussex: Deed rel. to: 1641.Hailsham, Sussex: Deed rel. to: 1641.Folkington, Sussex: Deed rel. to: 1641.Charles I of England: Grant in Hailsham, etc.: 1641: Fourth Great Seal. British Library
referencedIn HENRY MARTEN PAPERS. Vol. II (ff. ii+24). Henry Marten: Eleven tracts on political questions, with some verses in Latin, etc.; circa 1642-circa 1656, n.d. Mostly autograph drafts, and fragments. These tracts are apparently unpublished: for others see..., 1637-1661 British Library
referencedIn WORKS by Sir Philip Warwick, Clerk of the Signet (ob. 1683), viz:-1. "Memoires or Reflexions vpon the reigne of King Charles the first," with an Appendix (f. 104 b) continuing the narrative to the Restoration. f. 1. First published in 1701. 2. "Of Go..., 1679 British Library
referencedIn includes:ff. 1-1 5 b Scrymgeour, MD: Quædam ex ejus adversariis medicis: 17th cent.f. 16 Dominicus Chabræus, Swiss Physician: Compositiones quædam ex ejus libro: 1638.ff. 16-49b Theodore Turquet de Mayerne, Baron; MD: Collectanea medica et chem... British Library
referencedIn A PRIVATE consideration of the feared sequele of the intended marriage betweene Charles, Prince of Wales, and Marie of Austria, daughter of the late Phillip the Thirde, Kinge of Spaine, 1622 ;-Some Reasons why Englande shoulde continue the protection..., 1622-1623 British Library
referencedIn COPIES of letters (Latin and French) from Charles I to foreign potentates, etc. in the autograph of George Rudolph Weckherlin, Secretary for Foreign Tongues. The letters, dating from 1627-1635, are addressed to the following : City of Hamburg. ff. 1,... British Library
referencedIn TRUMBULL PAPERS. Vol. CXLVII (ff. 194). Papers concerning English relations with the States General (ff. 1-61), Italy and the Palatinate (ff. 62-115), etc.; 1552-1631, n.d. Partly Latin, French, Spanish, Italian and German. Partly cipher. These are f..., 1552-1631 British Library
referencedIn MEMIOIRS of Ulick Bourke (or De Burgh), 5th Earl and (1646) Marquess of Clanricarde, for the most part in the form of a letter-book, accompanied by marginal comments (in the first person) bearing upon his part in the affairs of Ireland; 24 Sept. 1643... British Library
referencedIn Robert Pierrepont, Viscount Newark; 1st Earl of Kingston-upon-Hull 1628: Patent for his earldom: 1628.Peerage: Signet Warrants for creations of peers: 1628-1802.Charles I of England: Patent creating R. Pierrepont as Earl of Kingston-upon-Hull: 1628.:... British Library
referencedIn PAPELES varios; a similar collection to the preceding, with a few original letters, etc. Among them are:-1. "Papel que se eserivio en Londres el año de 1641, sobre cosas de aquel Reyno de Inglaterra," f. 54. 2. A long astrological letter from "Micer..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn SPEECH of Oliver St. John [afterwards Chief Justice of the Common Pleas] in defence of John Hampden; 1637. Paper; xviith cent. Folio.Oliver St. John, of Longthorpe, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas: Speech in defence of J. Hampden: 1637.John Hampden..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1912Paper, in folio, ff. 66, XVII Century.1. Letter from Dr. Henry Power to Dr. [afterwards Sir Thomas] Browne, M. D. Dat. Hallifax, 13 June, 1646. f. 1.2. Letter from the same to the same: dat. Ch. Coll. Cambridge 15 Sept. 1647. f. 3.Printed ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. i. (ff. 401). 1588-1649. 1. " Queene Elizabeth's whole army at sea agaynst the Spanish forces in anno 1588 ": list of the ships, with number of men and names of captains. f. 1. 2. Instructions for Sir John Norris and Sir Francis Drake commanding..., 1588-1647 British Library
referencedIn HEATH AND VERNEY PAPERS. Vol. III (ff. 26). Precedents relating to titles of honour, etc., second half of the 17th cent.1. Patents for appointments to office, commissions to ambassadors, conferment of dignities, etc., issued by Charles I, Charles II ..., 1637-1699 British Library
referencedIn ORDNANCE OFFICE RFGISTER of "Deliueries for Land Seruice 8 June 1646-9 July 1650. Under (late 20-22 Jan. 164 8/9, (f. 118) are deliveries for the use of the High Court of Justice, viz. 200 rich javelins with velvet and fringe," and 50 "rich partizans... British Library
referencedIn Alexander Leighton, MD: Answer to a bill in the Star Chamber respecting his "appeal to the Parliament or Sions Plea against the Prelacie": 1630.Charles I of England: Answer of Dr. A. Leighton to a bill in the Star Chamber: 1630. British Library
referencedIn Signet of Qu. Henrietta Maria, 17th cent. (The above are recent wax impressions).Charles I of England: Signet seal of Qu. Henrietta Maria: 17th cent. British Library
referencedIn SHREWSBURY (TALBOT) PAPERS. Vol. IV (ff. 175). Correspondence, etc., of the Talbots and their relatives: circ. 1400-1858. The writers include the Giffards of Chillington, in Brewood, co. Staff., the Lyttletons of Frankley, co. Worc., and the Needhams..., approximately 1400-1858 British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1430Paper, in folio, ff. 85, XVII century; bound up with 3956.1. The articles of the Commons assembled in Parliament against Thomas Wentworth first Earl of Strafford, in maintenance of his accusation, whereby he stands charged of high treason.... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS English original letters, etc.; 1592-1812. 1. [Sir] F[rancis] Knollys [Treasurer of the household] to the keeper of the park at Hartingfordbury, co. Hertford; Hampton Court, 10 Oct. 1592. Signed. f. 1. 2. Fragment of a warrant of the Pr..., 1592-1812 British Library
referencedIn A COLLECTION Of Papers, of the xviith century, in Spanish, relating to the following subjects :-State of France and its foreign relations, by Mich. Morosini, Venetian ambassador, 1653, f. 1 ;-Reasons for peace [1678?], f. 59;-Remonstrance against t..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn Charles I., Great Seal of "1627"Charles I of England: Great seals: 1627, 1643. British Library
referencedIn VOL. 1. (ff. 513). 1560-1649. John [Jewell, Bishop of] Salisbury; London, etc., 23 Feb.-7 Oct. 1560, 19 Mar. 1562 [3], ff. 1-6. Sir J[ohn] Evelyn, of co. Wilts; 26 Sept. 1621, f. 10. Matthew Nicholas, brother of Sir Edward, Dean successively of Brist..., 1560-1649 British Library
referencedIn TRUMBULL PAPERS. Vol. CCIV. Louis Rondel: Notebook and letter-book kept while at Oxford; circa 1622-1624. Partly Latin, Greek and French. Partly drafts and fair copies. Imperfect, following excision and mutilation of leaves. Rondel, who was a contemp..., approximately 1622-1624 British Library
referencedIn ACCOMPT of money, plate, horses, etc., received by Abraham Boune in co. Warwick and the city and county of Coventry for the service of the Parliament, 3 Sept. 1642-12 Apr. 1643, with notes of payments, etc. Apparently rendered finally in April, 1647,..., 1642-1647 British Library
referencedIn GENERAL QUITCLAIM by Queen Henrietta Maria to Francis Godolphin, of Godolphin, in Breage, co. Cornw.; 30 Aug. 1660. Signed.Francis Godolphin, of Godolphin, in Breage, county Cornwall: Quitclaim by Qu. Henrietta Maria to: 1660.: Signed.Charles I of En... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS letters and papers; 1602-circ. 1711:-1. [Sir Charles Blount] Lord Mountjoy, Lord-Lieutenint of Ireland, to Sir Robert Cecil [afterwards Earl of Salisbury], Secretary of State, recommending [Roland Lynch] Bishop of Kilmacduach for the b..., 1602-approximately 1711 British Library
referencedIn Vol. II., 1576-1624 1. Joan[nes] Sturmius, Rector [of the Academy at Strassburg], to Edmund Grindal, Archbishop of Canterbury, on his appointment to that see; Argentorati [Strassburg], 20 March, 1576. Lat. Hologr. f. i. 2. Instructions from William, ..., 1576-1624 British Library
referencedIn PAPERS and correspondence relating to the mint and coinage of England and Ireland, 1336-1727; collected by, or addressed to, Edward Southwell, Secretary of the Council for Ireland. Included are :-1. " About the privileges of the Mint "; with precede..., 1336-1727 British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL letters, royal warrants, orders of council, etc., on military and other affairs, found among. the papers of, and partly addressed to, Sir William Sydenham, Governor of the Isle of Wight, etc.; 1618-1656 1. Warrants of James I. to Sir Oliver ..., 1618-1656 British Library
referencedIn Vol. iv. (ff. 210). 1622, 1623. The writers are:-Les deputez des Eglises Reformées de France et souveraineté de Béarn assemblez à la Rochelle"; 1-24 Jan.29 May, 1622. Fr. Signed by [Jean Paul de] Lescun, and [Jonas (le] Bessay, presidents, and other..., 1622-1623 British Library
referencedIn " A BOOKE of the coppies of letters, speeches, and papers"; Nov. 1622-Aug. 1625. In a nearly contemporary hand. 1. Letter from James I. to the Elector Palatine, 10 Nov. 1622, respecting the negotiations for his restoration to the Palatinate; with the... British Library
creatorOf PYTHOUSE PAPERS. Vol. III (ff. 97). Correspondence and papers of and relating to Prince Rupert; 1628-1909, n.d. Partly printed and copies. These came into the possession of Col. Thomas Benett, secretary to the Prince. The letters of the Civil War per..., 1628-1909 British Library
referencedIn VOL. XVI. Folio. [11,056.] Copies of letters of Sir Francis Walsingham, Ambassador at Paris, in 1572;-Political papers of the Duc de Rohan and Mons. de Rosny;-Miscellaneous political and military papers ;-Affairs of the northern counties, temp. Car.... British Library
referencedIn TRANSCRIPTS Of State letters and papers, 1521-1631. contents :-1. Cardinal Wolsey to Henry VIII on the death of the Pope, [Leo X], and his chances of succeeding, him, 31 Dec. [1521]. This, with Nos. 2-7, is evidently copied front a MS. subsequently ..., 1521-1631 British Library
referencedIn ARTICLES of agreement between Philip IV. of Spain and Charles Prince of Wales, for the projected Marriage of the Prince with Maria Infanta of Spain; dat. Madrid, 4 Aug. 1623; and ratified on the 7th of Sept. following. Latin. With the signatures and ..., 1623 British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1109Vellum in oblong 4to. ff. 22. XVII century.Specimens of Penmanship, dedicated to King Charles I by W. Dickins. ff. 1-22.Charles I of England: MS. was dedicated to him by W. Dickins.W-Dickins: Specimens of penmanship, dedicated to Charles ... British Library
referencedIn COLLECTION Of political and other papers, chiefly contemporary transcripts, with a few originals and modern copies, the majority relating to the events of the 17th cent. Included are:-1. Petition to Richard II. from Margaret, dau. and heir of the la... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS POLITICAL TRACTS and historical papers, some of them in Birch's autograph. Viz:-(1) 'An Inquiry into the Rights of Free Subjects in which the Cases of the British Sailors and Common Soldiers are distinctly Consider'd and Compar'd', etc..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn STAMMBUCH, or "Hand und Wappenbuch," of Georg Andre, Freyherrn zu Herberstein; containing Autographs, and, generally, the ' arms, in colors, of numerous persons, collected principally at Strasburg and Steir, in the years 1612-1623. The following are ..., 1612-1623 British Library
referencedIn TRANSCPRIPTS of papers from the Pepys Collection at Cambridge, viz.:-1. "A Journal of the Proceedings of ye D. of Monmouth in his Invading England; with the Progress and Issew of ye Rebellion attending it. Kept by Mr. Edward Dummer then serving in th..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn Court of Wards and Liveries: Seals: temp. Chas.1.Charles I of England: Seals for the Court of Wards and Liveries. British Library
referencedIn COMMISSION from Charles I to William Compton, 1st Earl of Northampton, as Lord-Lieutenant of the Principality of South and North Wales, with the marches, and cos. Worc., Heref. and Salop, 1625. Presented by Viscount Combermere. British Library
referencedIn VOL. VIII.; tempp. Hen. VIII.-Chas. II. 1. "Extracts from a book of entries of persons going abroad; 31 Dec. 1613-21 Nov. 1614," f. 1. 2. "Ordinance at the Tower; 13 May, 1588," f. 12. 3. "Note of the contents of a 'Book of Orders' of the Commissione..., 19th century British Library
creatorOf SUPPLEMENTARY HEATH AND VERNEY PAPERS: miscellaneous papers of Sir Robert Heath, Chief Justice (d.1649) and his family, concerning Parliament; 1626-1679. Supplementary to Eg. 2978-3008, acquired in 1917. The items, which were forwarded to the British..., 1626-1679 British Library
referencedIn Add MSS 31,998-32,004, were presented by Samuel Rawson Gardiner, Esq., 19th century British Library
referencedIn (ff. 374). PAPERS relating to English affairs; 1212-1625. 1. Estat du revenu ordinaire du Roy de la grande Bretagne. f. 1. 2. Letter of submission from King John to the Pope; 1212. f. 1 b. 3. Letters, etc., relating to the Barons' War in 1262-1264. f... British Library
referencedIn 'THE RELATION OF SR BALTHAZAR GERBIER, Knt. Master of the Ceremonies to the King of great Brittain, For the cleering of Som particullars which have by some been misunderstood, during the Raignes of King James, and King Charles', preceded by the autho..., 1648 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS ROYAL DOCUMENTS, VIZ:-(1) Letters of Protection granted by James III of Scotland to Sir Alexander Napier of Merchiston for his mission to the Court of Burgundy; 1 May 1473. Latin. Seal en placard (fragment). This document, while still ..., 1473-1683 British Library
referencedIn Vol. II.Horatio Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford 1791: Correspondence with the family of Conway Earls of Hertford: 1755-1788.Francis Seymour-Conway, 1st Earl; afterwards Marquis of Hertford: Correspondence of him and Isabella, his wife, with H. Walpole: 1... British Library
referencedIn County of Montgomery: Casts of Royal seals for.Charles I of England: Casts of judicial seal for cos. Denbigh, Montgomery and Flint.County of Denbigh: Casts of Royal seals for. British Library
referencedIn includes:ff. 2-5, 7-20 Charles I of England: Proceedings in Parliament: 1625-1646.f. 21 Henry Hurst, Presbyterian Divine: Address to Charles II. with answer: n.d.f. 21 Charles I of England: Address of the Presbyterians to the King, with his ans... British Library
referencedIn A VOLUME of Miscellaneous Papers and Letters of the xvith and xviith centuries; many of which are originals, and relate to events during the revolution in England. The contents are:-" The protestations of the peers and nobles of the kingdome of Bohe..., 16th century-17th century British Library
referencedIn (m) Photograph (from the original at Ushaw College, Durham) of a warrant from Charles I to Edward [Somerset], Earl of Glamorgan [2nd Marquess of Worcester 1646], authorizing him to treat with the Confederate Catholics in Ireland; 12 Mar. 20 Chas. I, ... British Library
referencedIn GWYN MEMORIALMemorial of the military services of Capt. John Gwyn of the Royal troop of Horse Guards, from 1642 to the Restoration; circ. 1660. With six prefatory dedication-letters, viz. to (a) Charles II. ff. 2-3b;-(b) James, Duke of York. f. 4;-(c..., approximately 1660 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS historical pieces, of the first half of the XVIIth cent., viz.: 1. "Parte of the liffe of Kinge James of ffamous memorye, with diuers matters of consequence which hapned in his Raigne." Printed in the Somers Tracts (1809), Vol. II., p. ..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn TRANSCRIPTS BY BIRCH of state letters and papers. The principal contents are:-(1) 'Memorabilia in the Earl of Strafford's letters', being brief notes of the contents of the two volumes of Letters of Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford, printed i..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn TWO LETTERS of Charles I. to Edward Lord Littleton, Keeper of the Great Seal; dat. York 14 and 19 May, 1642. The former ordering a proclamation for holding Trinity term next ensuing at York; with postscript and signature by the King; the latter direc..., 1642 British Library
referencedIn Charles II of England: Register of writs of Privy Seal, royal warrants and other State papers.Sir Edward Walker, Garter King at Arms: Warrant to, for augmentation of the arms of F. Wolfe: 1660.Sir John Nicholas, Clerk of the Privy Council: Register o... British Library
referencedIn POLITICAL and miscellaneous papers:-1. "Gervasii Tilberiensis de necessariis Scaccarii observacionibus Dialogus," f. 1. 2. A defence of the statutes of England against the libels of foreign writers and Engish fugitives; circa 1630. Imperfect. f. 14...., 17th century-18th century British Library
referencedIn Navy: Proposition to the Privy Council how to increase the Navy: 17th cent.Charles I of England: Proposition to the Lords of the Council how to increase the navy: 17th cent. British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1983 BChartaceus, in folio, ff. 99, Sec. XVII.1. 'The names of the Gresham Committee.' f. 1.2. 'Generall accompt of the Receipts and Issues of the Public Revenue, Taxes, etc., from Michaelmas 1691 to Michaelmas 1692.' f. 2.3. Stanzas upon Law,... British Library
referencedIn MEMORANDUM-BOOK of John Locke, Solicitor, father of the philosopher; 1623-1655. Among the contents are:-1 Forms of licenses, bonds, warrants, recognisances and other legal instruments, taken from proceedings at general sessions in co. Somerset; 1629..., 1623-1655 British Library
referencedIn COPIES of documents relating to negotiations with the Scottish Commissioners, and the treaty at Ripon, Sept.-Oct. 1640 ; together with reports of the King's and Lord Keeper's speeches at the opening of Parliament, 3 Nov. 1640; and of those of Ld. Dig..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn "A RELATION of some abuses which are committed against the Commonwealth, together with a friendly Reprehension of the same; composed especiallie for the benefit of this countie of Durham, December the XXVIth 1629. By a poor friend and wellwisher to t..., 1629 British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL LETTERS to and from members of the family of Sydney, with other documents relating to them ; in the following orderCommission from Thomas [Ratcliffe, third] Earl of Sussex, Chief Justice of the Queen's forests on this side Trent, to Sir Henr..., 1550-1709 British Library
referencedIn VOL. VII. Pedigrees of Gibson of Knipe, Stainforth, Royds, Hesketh, Sullivan of Cork, Sterne, etc., f. 7;-Notes from the "Gentleman's Magazine;" 1731-1815, f. 12;-Itinerary. of Charles I.; 1642-1648, f. 53;-Notes from Edmund Lodge's abstracts of the ..., 1801-approximately 1830 British Library
referencedIn HISTORICAL TRACT-,; namely, Tom Tell-Trothe, discourse touchinge the murmurers of the tymes, directed to his late Majestie [James l.] ;-Brief discourse concerning free trade, by Henry Haibley ;-Sir Robert Cotton's Answer to certain propositions of w..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn "TRATADOS varios:" miscellaneous political tracts and papers; 1617-1683. Span. Among them are a few papers concerning the proposed marriage of Charles, Prince of Wales, with the Infanta Maria, sister of Philip IV. Paper; xviith cent. Folio.Kingdom of..., 1617-1683 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS papers, viz.:-A. 1. STATUTES and ordinances of war made at Durham, 17 June I-July], 9 Ric. II. [1385], f. 1. 2. Warrant of Charles I. to John Evans of Stafford for a loan of twenty pounds in money or plate for the defence of the kingdo... British Library
referencedIn 33,506. MISCELLANE0US LETTERS and papers: British Library
referencedIn Vol. II. (ff. 226). 1653-1746. 1. Letters and papers relating to the sale of fee-farm rents, 1653-1655. Included are:-(a) Order from the " Commissioners for removing obstructions in ye Sale of the Honours, etc., of ye late King, Queene and Prince," ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. iii. (ff. 209). 1621. The writers are:-T. Erckenbrecht; Heidelberg, Frankenthal, 26 Jan., 26 Feb. 1621. Fr. ff. 7, 17. Sir H[orace] Vere; Frankenthal, 29 Jan. -24 Apr. 1621, ff. 9, 13, 27, 35. Jacob Godemann, " Secretarius Re..ius et capitaneus..., 1620-1622 British Library
referencedIn TOWNSHEND PAPERS. Vol. XVII (ff. 65). Miscellaneous papers, chiefly relating to co. Norfolk; 18 Aug. 1545-1 Jan. 1729. The contents are : 1. Papers relating to beacons in co. Norfolk, being (a) order by Thomas [Howard], Duke of Norfolk, for two beaco... British Library
referencedIn 'AFFLICTIONS THE LOTT OF THE GODLY': religious tract by an unidentified woman writer; mid-17th cent. Calligraphic fair-copy. The sub-title (f. 2) describes it as 'Some few pious meditations and observations Collected by a truly pious and religious ge... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1479Paper,12mo., ff. 56, XVII Century.1. 'Sales, facetiae, etc., collectiones promiscuae. Lat. et Angl. ff. 3-13.2. 'Carmina ex Academia Cantabrig. de Serenis. Principis aditu ex Hispaniis exoptatissimo gratulatione desumpta, Octob. 1623.' ff.... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1707Paper, in small folio, ff. 63, XVII Century; bound with the preceding.Astrological schemes of the nativities of various persons, with calculations, and at the end some historical and biographical memoranda; in the handwriting of Dr. Franci... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS historical papers and original letters, 1452-1874, viz.:-A. 1. Extracts from the Flores Historiarum (Rolls Series ed., ii. pp. 190-221) relating to Hubert de Burgh. In a hand of the end of the l5th cent. f. 1. 2. Copy of proclamation ..., 1452-1874 British Library
referencedIn Copies. royal and official warrants, letter.% commissions. etc., apparently collected as COPIES of precedents by Sir Edw. Nicholas, while Secretary to Lord Zouche [Warden of the Cinque Ports], Secretary to the Admiralty, and Clerk to the Privy Counci..., 1616-1641 British Library
referencedIn JAMES CHALONER: correspondence and papers, etc., of James Chaloner, regicide and antiquary; 1640-1685, n.d. Partly copies. Belonged, on 3 Sept. 1930, to Mrs Eleanor Colville Corbally of Newbridge House, Donabate, co. Dublin (note on f. ii). Formerly ..., 1640-1685 British Library
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referencedIn COLLECTION Of Miscellaneous political and other verses, written in several hands, apparently all feminine. Included are:-1. Lines by [James Graham, 1st] Marquis of Montrose, written "as he was riding over the sands . . . . with his sword . . . . upo... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXIII. A collection of prints and drawings relating to Windsor ; at the end are four letters to Richards, 1840. Ff.161.Art. Engravings, etc: Windsor and neighbourhood, etc.: 17th-19th centt.Windsor, Parks: Views of Windsor and neighbourhood, et..., 1840 British Library
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referencedIn ACCOUNT by Sir John Berkeley, afterward Lord Berkeley of Stratton, of his negotiations on behalf of Charles I. with General Oliver Cromwell and other Parliamentary, officers, in 1647. Printed under the title, "Memoirs of Sir John Berkeley," etc., in ..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn PULESTON PAPERS. Vol. III. Miscellaneous papers of the Edwards family of Chirk, relating mainly to the Lordships of Chirk, and of Bromfield and Yale, and to the hundreds of Chirk and Yale, co. Denb.; temp. Hen. VIII [between 1509-1547]-1644. A substa..., 1509-1547 British Library
creatorOf ARTHUR LANGFORD: miscellany of prose and verse owned, and probably copied, by him; 1 May 1629-circa 1630. The manuscript is described and three poems from it printed by Peter Beal in Yearbook of English Studies, X (1980), pp. 190-203. First lines of ..., 1612-1635 British Library
referencedIn MEMORANDUM-BOOK, apparently of Sir Daniel Tyas, mayor of Worcester in 1643, consisting chiefly of receipts and payments, with numerous entries relating to the Civil War, copies of letters and orders of Charles I. and Prince Rupert, etc.; 1643-1644. A..., 1643-1665 British Library
referencedIn Commission from Charles "Prince of Great Brittaine", letter of credence from Charles I, letter of George Whitefield, "Thexpences of the dyettes provided for the Queenes maties most honorable Counsell at her Graces Starre-chamber during, this Hillary ... British Library
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referencedIn " A TRUE Relation of all the procedings of the King and the Parliament, together with sundrie other occurrences as well from Ireland and Holland as in England, from Aprill ye 8, 1642, to September ye-, 1642. By S. H.": containing "diurnall occurrence..., 17th century British Library
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referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION of papers, tracts, copies of letters, etc., 15th-18th centt., written in many different hands, as follows:-1. List of State Papers and Letters relating to England and her dealings with the Netherlands, France, etc., tempp. H... British Library
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referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS historical papers, 1642-1817, chiefly collected by T. Astle. They include many letters to and from the Earl of Sandwich, while Secretary of State (1763-1765), and to and from Richard Phelps, Under Secretary. Among them are:-1. Warrant ..., 1642-1817 British Library
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referencedIn Vol. III, ff. 42.John Booker: Mercurius Coelicus (1647) and Uranoscopia (1649): almanacs by.: Printed.Almanacs: Urano-Scopia, by J. Booker: 1649.: Printed.includes:f. 9 b Charles I of England: Account of his execution, by Lady Twysden: 1649., 1645-1651 British Library
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referencedIn Sloane 1792Paper, in 12mo, ff. 143, XVII Century.1. 'Sir H. Wotton, on the Lady Elizabeth when she was first crowned Queen of Bohemia.' f. 2.Begin: — 'Ye glorious trifles of the East.'Printed in the Parnassus Biceps, London, 1656, p. 34; and given in... British Library
referencedIn Charles I of England: Solution of the proble0 how to reconcile him and the Parliament: 17th cent. British Library
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referencedIn SCUDAMORE PAPERS. VOL. IV. Miscellaneous Tracts, etc.; 1611-1629. As follows:-(1) 'Certayne Remembrances to prince Charles written by Sr Charles Cornwallis duringe his committment in the tower'; i.e. 1614-1615. Beg. 'for his most excellent highnes...., 1611-1629 British Library
referencedIn PRIVY COUNCIL of Charles I.: recent impression from the matrix belonging to Lord Scarsdale.Charles I of England: Privy Council seal. British Library
creatorOf John Anthony, MD: Praxis medica: 1635. British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1771Paper, in Quarto, ff. 25, sec. XVII.1. Propositions and replies which passed between the King and the Commissioners of Parliament in the Treaty held at Oxford, in the months of March and April, 1643. ff. 1-22.Printed in Rushworth's Collect... British Library
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referencedIn TRANSCRIPTS Of various documents, made by Dr. Zachary Grey, of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, Vicar of St. Peter's and St. Giles' in Cambridge, and Rector of Houghton Conquest, co. Bedford (ob. 1766). At the beginning are inserted four original documents, ... British Library
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referencedIn ALLEGORICAL DESIGNS in colours, relating to political events in the reigns of James I. and Charles I. The designs include a man (Charles I.?) lying in bed, a street seene, the Pope and others burning, a procession, a man carrying a bust of Charles l.... British Library
referencedIn AUTOGRAPH LETTERS of King Charles I. to the Prince, and to the Speaker of the House of Lords, 1646, 1648 ;-Key to a cipher used by Charles I. ;-Private Instructions from King Charles II. to James, Duke of Albany and York, High Commissioner in Scotlan... British Library
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referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS, consisting chiefly of letters, bills, inventories, etc., connected with the family of Cromwell, of co. Huntingdon; ante 1614-1793. A few copies of speeches, diurnal occurrences, etc., in the Parliaments of 1628 and 1641 are also..., 1614-1793 British Library
referencedIn LETTERS and papers, public and private, collected by John Smyth, of Nibley, and his family, chiefly relating to co. Gloucester; 1632-xviiith cent. The latter portion (ff. 121-304) consists of correspondence of [James Butler, lst] Duke of Ormonde, pri..., 1632-18th century British Library
creatorOf TRUMBULL PAPERS. Vol. CCIII (ff. ii+137). Correspondence with his children, etc.; 1635-1678, n.d. Partly French. Included also is some general family correspondence, with petitions and legal papers. For a stray letter of the younger John Wolley to Tr..., 1635-1678 British Library
referencedIn HEATH AND VERNEY PAPERS. Vol. VII (ff. 75). Private accompt-book of Sir Edward Heath, K.B., 1655-1669. Hologr. On ff. 1 b, 74, 75 are miscellaneous memoranda and verses, including a note that he was sworn as one of the Justices for co. Rutl., 7 Sept...., 1655-1669 British Library
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referencedIn PAPERS relating to co. Somerset, the principal ones being 1. Fragment of a valuation of churches; 15th cent. Latin. f. 1. 2. Form of commission for visitation of a collegiate church, etc. 15th cent. Latin. f. 2. 3. Heads recounting losses; to the tow..., 15th century-18th century British Library
referencedIn Charles I of England: Seal of Qu. Henrietta Maria. British Library
creatorOf DROPMORE PAPERS. Vol. DLXXXIV (ff. 135). 1. ff. 1-54. Letters from Thomas Wentworth 1st Earl of Strafford to Sir George Radcliffe, one letter of the second Earl and two letters from Radcliffe to the latter; 1625-1642, n.d. Copies, made circa 1800, in..., 1639-1805 British Library
referencedIn Charles Goodall, MD, Physician to the Charterhouse: Collections relating to the College of Physicians: 18th cent.London; SOCIETIES, MEDICAL. ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS: Collections relating to, by Dr. C. Goodall and others,: 17th, 18th centt.Owners ... British Library
referencedIn Wootton, Kent: Deed rel. to: 1630.Sibertswold al. Shepherd's Well, Kent: Deed rel. to: 1630.Kingston, Kent: Deed rel. to: 1630.Charles I of England: Licence of alienation in Sibertswold: 1630.: With second Great Seal.Denton, Canterbury, Kent: Deed re... British Library
referencedIn SPEECHES in Parliament, etc.; 1558-1695. 1. "Queen Elizabeths speech (a) to her secretary [Sir W. Cecil] and other her Lords," 20 Nov. 1558. In a hand of the 18th cent. f. 1; -(b) to the two Houses, 12 Nov. 1586. f. 2. 2. "Answeres to the first part ... British Library
referencedIn JESSOP PAPERS. Vol. II (ff. 173):-(1) Miscellaneous papers of or relating to Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex, and other members of his family; 1585-1641. The principal contents are:-(a) Articles propounded by his wife Frances Devereux (Lady Fran..., 1585-1647 British Library
referencedIn COLLECTIONS, historical, antiquarian, etc., made by Thomas Astle:-1. Letters addressed by the Secretaries of State to the Lord Mayor of London, the Lord Lieutenant of Middlesex, and others, for measures to be taken for the prevention or putting down..., 12th century-18th century British Library
referencedIn ROYAL letters, warrants and other official papers, etc.; 1529-1743. 1. Henry VIII. to Sir Nicholas Carewe, Dr. Richard Sampson and Dr. William Benet, Ambassadors to the Emperor Charles V.; York Place, Greenwich, 6, 30 Nov. [1529]. Signed; with seals..., 1529-1743 British Library
referencedIn COPIES of patents of offices, and grants of lands, etc., relating to the Duchy of Cornwall, temp. Henry VII. and Henry VIII., f. 2 ;-Exemplification by Henry VIII. of several patents from Edward III. to his son Edward, ao. 11 [1337] of grants of the ..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn ASTON PAPERS. Vol. III. (ff. 304). Correspondence of Sir Walter Aston (continued); 1622, 1623. The writers are:-Simon Digby; Vienna, 7 Jan. 1621-8 Oct. 1622. ff. 3, 19, 23, 66. William Trumbull; Brussels, Al Jan. 1621[2]. f 5. Conde de Gondomar; 31 ..., 1622-1623 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS LETTERS AND PAPERS, viz.:-(1) Letter from Georgius Major, theologian, to Hieronymus von Baumgärtner, Senator of Nuremberg, giving an account of current events in Saxony and asking for Civil Law books; Wittenberg, 3 Jan. 1529. Latin. ff..., 1529-1870 British Library
referencedIn HENRY MARTEN PAPERS: parliamentary and political papers, etc., mostly of or relating to Henry Marten, the regicide, etc.; 1628-circa 1938, n.d. Partly autograph drafts and fair copies, and printed. The documents are mounted in grangerised volumes, w..., 1628-approximately 1938 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS political and other papers; 1640-circa 1660; belonging to the preceding collection:-1. Reports of speeches, etc., in Parliament, and London news-letters; 3 Nov. 1640-16 Feb. 164.0/1, f. 1. 2. Proposicions sent from Kilkenny touchinge a..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. I. ff. 221.Rupert, Prince; Count Palatine of the Rhine: Letters to, from various persons: 1644-1649.Fairfax family; of Denton: Correspondence: 1600-1827.William Ackroyd, Rector of Long Marston: Papers relating to his endowment of a University sc..., 1600-1827 British Library
referencedIn AUTOGRAPHS of royal persons; 1443-1791, viz.: 1. Letter signed by Isabel [of Portugal, wife of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy] to Nicolas de Cerilly, Receiver of Aids at St. Quentin; Bruges, 6 Oct. 1443. Fr. f. 1. 2. John, Count of Angoulesme, to ..., 1443-1791 British Library
referencedIn BOOK Of Entries in the Court of Requests, under Sir Thomas Alisbury [Aylesbury], Bart. (whose daughter Frances married Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon), as Master of Requests; 10-31 May, 6 Sept-2 Oct., 1638. Chronologically arranged (except ff. 69... British Library
referencedIn Vol. II. (ff. 289). (1) John Thurloe, Secretary of State, to Henry Cromwell, Major-General of the Forces in Ireland, on the Protector's refusal to take the title of King; 12 May 1657. From a letter 'in ye possession of the ... Earl of Shelburn'. Cop... British Library
referencedIn VOL,. II. Sir John Holland, Sir James Harington, and others of the Commissioners to receive the King from the Scotch, 1646, f. 1; Sir Thomas Fairfax, 1646, f. 2; [John Maitland, 2nd Earl of] Lauderdale, [Archibald Campbell, Marquess of] Argyll, and o..., 17th century-18th century British Library
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referencedIn ORIGINAL letters of Royal and other personages, principally English; 1596-1844. 1. Queen Elizabeth to Henry IV. of France; n.d. [Sept. 1596]. Fr. Holograph; with modern transcript. ff. 1, 3. 2. [Sir] Thomas Chaloner, tutor to Prince Henry, son of Jam... British Library
referencedIn ARCHAISMUS GRAPHICUS: an introduction to Palaeography by [Sir] Henry Spelman, written for the use of his sons in 1606. lt contains notes in Latin on the history of letters, and on MSS. and the means to determine their age, together with a glossary, w... British Library
referencedIn Vol. I.Sir Lewis Dyves: Letters: 1642, 1643, 1644.Ralph Hopton, Baron Hopton: Letters,: 1643-1650.Sir William Vavasour: Letters: 1643-1648.includes:f. 10 Ch-Cocks: Letter: 1642. f. 12, 23 Spencer Compton, Earl of Northampton: Letters: 1642/3. f. 1..., 1642-1658 British Library
referencedIn DFEDS of purchase by A. Baynes of Knowsthorpe of lands in cos. Durham, Northampton and York, from the trustees for the sale of property of collegiate corporations, and from the trustees for the sale of the property of the late King Charles I. and Que... British Library
referencedIn Lieutenant Gedeon Bonnivert, son of Paschall and Judith Bonnivert of Sedan in Champagne: Papers and collections of, in prose and verse: 15th-17th centt.includes:ff. 2-16 b Theology: On penance and confession, tribulation and temptation, contemplati... British Library
referencedIn "THE HISTORY Of the Execrable Irish Rebellion., trac'd from many preceding Acts, to the grand Eruption, the 23. of October, 1641, and thence pursued to the Act of Settlement, MDCLXII." The printed work, with its appendices, by Edmund Borlase, M.D., p... British Library
referencedIn John Talbot, 10th Earl of Shrewsbury 1630: General pardon to: 1626.Charles I of England: General pardons to J. Talbot and Lord Shrewsbury: 1626.: Third Great Seals. British Library
referencedIn John Knight, MD, Serjeant-Surgeon to Charles II: Prescriptions, receipts and medical observations: 17th cent.Sir Alexander Fraiser, MD, Physician to Charles II: Prescriptions, receipts and medical observations: n.d.Theodore Turquet de Mayerne, Baron;... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS State-Papers, chiefly transcripts, relating to England, Scotland and other countries; 1581-1644. 1. [Esme Stuart, Duke of Lenox,] to [James VI. of Scotland], expressing his devotion, and referring to the " flaterie and disimulation" of ..., 1581-1644 British Library
referencedIn THURLOE PAPERS. Vol. IV (ff. 207). Viz:-(1) Frederick III, of Denmark, to the States General; 30 Aug. 1659. English translation. Cf. art. 32. Followed by translations of correspondence of W. Boreel and other Dutch and French ministers on the affairs ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. I, 15 Mar. 1602/3 -29 Mar. 1623, 29 May 1639; Vol. I includes a chronological list of letters and events; 15 Mar. 1602/3 10 Feb. 160 5/6. ff. 4-16. XVIII cent.James I of England: Letters illustrating his reign: 1603-1625.: Copies.includes:f. 2 ..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn Henry Jermyn, Earl of St. Albans; Master of the Household to Qu. Henrietta Maria: Leases by, in Westminster and Penrith: 1661, 1664.John Harvey, of Ickworth: Royal leases to, in Weybridge and St James-in-the-Fields: 1660, 1661.Charles I of England: L... British Library
referencedIn HISTORICAL LETTERS AND PAPERS (ENGLISH AND FOREIGN) OF THE 16TH AND 17TH CENTURIES: a collection of copies closely resembling those in Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS. Tanner 82 (see Cat. Cod. MSS. Bibl. Bodl., Pt. iv, Codices T. Tanneri, ed. A. Hackman..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn MEDICI PAPERS. Vol. LXXXIV (f. ii+229). Privileges, patents and other papers concerning honours and offices enjoyed by Francesco di Giuliano de' Medici, Raffaello senior, Balì Raffaello and his descendants; 1515-1679. They include patents signed by o..., 1515-1679 British Library
referencedIn CAPEL PAPERS. Vol. IV. 'A true . . . narrative . . . of the death of the Right Honourable the Lord Capel . . . Copyed from the Original Paper of that Bishop's own writing'; late 18th cent. Copy. The present copy of an original narrative by George Mor... British Library
referencedIn CORRESPONDENCE of the family of Pelham, of Sussex, consisting of official, business, and private and domestic letters; 1543-1722. The names of the writers will be found in the Index. Paper; ff. 204. Folio.Pelham family: General correspondence: 1543-1..., 1543-1722 British Library
referencedIn ESCRITURAS VARIAS, Consisting of Copies and extracts of numerous ancient documents, made for or by D. Joseph Pellicer de Tovar, viz., Documents in the Archives of the Knights of Calatrava, of the 12th, 13th, and 14th centuries;-Documents preserved in..., 12th century-14th century British Library
referencedIn A VOLUME of the Collections made by Sir Julius Caesar, Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, and Master of the Rolls, temp. James I containing the following miscellaneous Papers and Letters, for the most part Originals: Papers respecting the petition... British Library
referencedIn CATALOGUE of the Cotton Manuscripts, of uncertain date but earlier than 1654, as appears from a marginal note of a book lent to " Mr Selden " (Vol. I. f. 78 b). The MSS. are arranged under their press-marks still in use, but the list is not quite com... British Library
referencedIn SPEECHES IN PARLIAMENT: with miscellaneous verses; circa 1626. The collection was apparently owned or compiled by Knightley Chetwode of Chetwode, co. Bucks, student of Lincoln's Inn after 4 Feb. 1622/3 and eponymous uncle of the future Dean of Glouce..., 1618-1662 British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL MINUTES of the negotiations between the English and Scotch Commissioners at Ripon, 2-26 Oct. 1640; in the hand of Sir John Borough, Garter King of Arms, secretary to the English Commissioners. Preceded (f. 1) by a memorandum, 30 Sept. 1640, ..., 1640 British Library
referencedIn LAW and Exchequer papers, viz.: 1. Copy of deed of sale from Sir William Fitzwilliam and Anne his wife, to Richard Maynard and William Archer, of lands in Theydon Garnon, co. Essex; 24 Oct. 1 Mary [1553], f. 1 b. 2. Account of payments into the Exche..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn BARRINGTON PAPERS. Vol. III. (ff. 316), 1632-June, 1643. Letters addressed chiefly to Joan, Lady Barrington, and Sir Thomas Barrington, 2nd Bart., on family matters and private business down to the outbreak of the civil war, after which they relate p... British Library
referencedIn Vol. I. (ff. 300). ANGLO-GALLICA, or negotiations and treaties between England and France; 1359, 1525-1654. 1. " Traicté entre le Roy de France et le Royaume d'Escosse pour la delivrance du Roy d'Escosse, prisonnier en Angleterre " ; Paris, July, 135... British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL letters and autographs of royal and noble personages; 1452-1785. 1. Royal pardon for John Penycoke, Gentleman of the Royal Bodyguard, with monogram, R. H. [Henry VI.] at the top and signed at the foot by [Henry de Beaufort, 2nd Duke of] Some..., approximately 1450-1785 British Library
referencedIn (ff. 251). " NÉGOCIATION de Monsieur [François] le Mareschal de Bassompierre, envoyé Ambassadeur extraordinaire en Angleterre de la part du Roy"; 1626.Louis XIII of France: Negotiations of his ambassadors in England: 1625-1626.François de Bassompierr... British Library
referencedIn "LES QUATRAINS de Guy de Faar, Sieur de Pybrac. Escrits par Esther Inglis, ce premier jour de l'an 1615;" dedicated by her to Charles, Prince of Great Britain [afterwards King Charles I.]. Paper. The arms of the Prince are painted on fol. 1 b, and a ..., 1615 British Library
referencedIn Vol. II, 15 Dec. 1608 -23 Feb. 1623/4 (letters of Sir Dudley Carleton to J. Chamberlain, ff. 1-35) and July 1622-15 June 1628; XVIII cent.Charles I of England: Letters illustrating his reign: 1625-1641.: Copies.James I of England: Letters illustrati..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn Charles I of England: General pardon, etc., to W. Noel: 1626, 1631, n.d.: First and Third Great Seals.Kirkby-Mallory, Leicestershire: Deeds rel. to: 1362-1731. British Library
referencedIn 1630-1660.includes:f. 1 Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe, antiquary: Letter to T. Thomson: circ. 1827. f. 3 Henry Rice, of Carew Castle, county Pembrokeshire: Petition to Charles I.: ante 1637. f. 5 Charles I of England: Letter to Lord Lauderdale: 1639. ..., 1630-1660 British Library
referencedIn Vol. II (ff. 185). 1637.Accompts: Perceval family, Earls of Egmont and Barons Arden; private and estate accompts, etc.: 1632-1825.Sir Philip Perceval, Clerk and Registrar of Irish Court of Wards and Liveries: Correspondence and papers: 1628-1647.incl..., 1637 British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1679Chartaceus, in 4to, ff. 74, sec. XVII.Theod. Turquet Mayernii, Equitis Aurati Baronis Auboniae, Medicamentorum formulae in usum Jacobi I. Henriettae Mariae, Reginae Caroli I Regis, etc., praescriptae.At ff. 71b and 72, are the letters from... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1913Paper, in folio, ff. 71, XVII Century; Dr. Edward Browne's Papers.1. The several questions sent to Dr. Edward Browne by the Royal Society in matters pertaining chiefly to Natural Philosophy, which from observations made during his travels ... British Library
referencedIn Charles I of England: Seal of Qu. Henrietta Maria. British Library
referencedIn "TRATADOS varios":-1. Copies of correspondence of [Antonio Alvarez de Toledo] Duke of Alva, Viceroy of Naples, etc. ; Jan. 1623-July 1628, f. 1. 2. Accounts of earthquakes, in the Canary Isles, 1646; at Lima, 1687 and in Sicily, 1693, ff. 103, 108 b..., 1571-1699 British Library
referencedIn COLLECTION of miscellaneous tracts, historical accounts, and letters relating mostly to the history of the Church and political affairs in 17th-cent. Europe; circa 1492-1715. Latin, Italian, and Spanish. Copies. Imperfect. Table of contents in Latin ... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1710Paper, in folio, ff. 359, XVII Century; bound with Nos.1691 & 1731 A.1. Notae quaedam Historicae pro annis 1176, 1189, 1181. f. 1.2. 'Threneticon Trojae', versibus elegiacis. f. 2.Incip. 'Pergama flere volo, fato Danais data Solo capta dol... British Library
referencedIn NEGOTIATIONS Of the Scotch commissioners at Westminster after the treaty at Ripon, with copies of documents; 19 Nov. 1640-29 June, 1641. In a contemporary hand, written by a Scotchman. At the top of the first page (f. 2) is inscribed the (partially o... British Library
referencedIn EGMONT PAPERS. Vol. CCLXV. Egmont MS. 257. Collection relating to the coronation ceremony of Charles I, etc., viz.:-(1) Copies by Sir Henry St. George, the elder (d. 1644), Garter King of Arms, of letters patent, 5-30 Jan. 1625/6, concerning the crea..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn includes:f. 2 Charles I of England: Sonnet sur la mort de: 17th cent.f. 2 Gustavus II Adolphus of Sweden: Sonnet sur la mort de: 17th cent.f. 3 Charles Emmanuel II; Duke of Savoy: Sonnet à, par F. Boniel: 17th cent.f. 3 Charles Emmanuel II; D... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1381Chartaceus, in 4to, ff. 292, sec XVII.1. Receipt for taking away wrinkles from the face of old women. Italian and German. f. 1.2. Directions for making malt; in German, with an English translation. f. 2.3. "How to make Aqua Mirabilis." f. ... British Library
referencedIn LETTER-BOOK of Sir Samuel Luke, Knt., M.P. for Bedford, when in command of Newport Pagnell, co. Bucks, garrisoned for the Parliament; 10 Oct. 1644-12 Mar. 1644 [5]. The contents consist of transcripts of letters to Sir S. Luke from his father Sir Oli... British Library
referencedIn THURLOE PAPERS. Vol. I (ff. 274). (1) Thomas Wharton, Baron Wharton, 1696, and (1715) Marquess, to William III, on the state of the country; 25 Dec. 1689. Copy. For another copy see Add. MS. 4107, f. 78. ff. 2-10. (2) Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of S... British Library
referencedIn COLLECTION Of political tracts, state letters and papers relating to Home and Foreign affairs, chiefly in the reigns of Qu. Elizabeth and James I., many of them having been transeribed from original documents; 1509-1628. Other copies of artt. 2, 3, 1... British Library
creatorOf HENRY MARTEN PAPERS. Vol. IV (ff. i+187). 'Charles I. His Reign 1625-1649. Portraits of Statesmen and the Court. Together with State Documents'; 1641-circa 1844, n.d. The volume includes autograph drafts and fair copies of tracts by Henry Marten, alo..., 1641-1849 British Library
referencedIn 1. "ALL the Kings short poesis that ar not printed:" poems and sonnets of King James I. of England, corrected by his own hand. They are classed under the heads of "Amatoria," f. 4; "Miscellanea," f. 31; and "Fragmenta," f. 51; and tables of contents,..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn Henry Pierrepont, 1st Marquess of Dorchester; 2nd Earl of Kingston: General pardon to: 1637.Philip Kinder: Pardon to Lord Newark for his attempted murder: 1637.Charles I of England: General pardon to Lord Newark and others: 1637.: Third Great Seal. I... British Library
referencedIn DRAUGHTS, Copies, and Originals of Warrants, Privy Seals, Royal Letters, and Proclamations, from 1660 to 1673 ; with many autograph signatures of Charles II.;-Copy of a letter from Charles I. to the Emperor of Persia, 1630. Folio. [11,310.], 1630-1673 British Library
referencedIn Vol. I. (ff. 185). Letters and papers, original and copies, chiefly relating to military and naval affairs at Portsmouth; 1573-1805. Included are:-1. Sir Henry Radeclyff [Ratcliffe], Captain of Portsmouth, to --, requesting him to deliver "two fowl..., 1573-1805 British Library
referencedIn " TRANSACCIONS of affaires " at Edinburgh between the Commissioners of the English Parliament and " the Parliament and Committee of Estates of the Kingdome of Scotland"; 10 Feb. 1647[8]-19 Slay. 1648. The collection begins with copies of the instruc..., 1648 British Library
referencedIn The same. Second seal. British Library
creatorOf LETTERS PATENT of Charles I of England, appointing James Hamilton, Marquess of Hamilton, Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of Arundel, Algernon Percy, 10th Earl of Northumberland, Philip Herbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke, Edward Sackville, 4th Earl of Dorset, Henr... British Library
referencedIn OFFICIAL and private correspondence and papers of Sir Edward Nicholas (ob. 1669), successively Secretary to the Admiralty under the Duke of Buckingham, Clerk to the Privy Council, and Secretary of State to Charles I. and Charles II., together with th..., 1560-1722 British Library
referencedIn PAPERS formerly belonging to Col. Silius or Silas Titus, Gentleman of the Bedchamber to Charles I. and II., viz.: Fifteen autograph letters from Charles I. to Capt. Titus; written under the signature J., and all, excepting the first, in a disguised h..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn VENEZUELA PAPERS. Vol. IX. (fr. 258). 1626-1634. 1. The Council of War to the king, with news that the Dutch West Indian Company were sending a fleet to the W. Indies and Brazil; Madrid, 23 June, 1626. f. 1. With an Engl. translation (f. 5). 2. The C..., 1626-1634 British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1911Paper, in folio, ff. 75, XVII Century; bound with Nos. 1912, 1913, 1942.A collection of original letters from Dr. Edward Browne, written when on his travels to his father Dr. [afterwards Sir] Thomas Browne, M. D., of Norwich.1. Letter from... British Library
referencedIn EXTRACTS from original letters and papers in the Bodleian, British Museum, and other Libraries, made apparently for Tho. Astle, who prefixed a list of contents. 1. Letters of Richard Layton and other Visitors of Religious Houses to Thomas, Lord Cromw... British Library
referencedIn Charles I of England: Inspeximus (Seal): 1636.: Seal. British Library
referencedIn COPIES of Treaties, 1623-1649, viz. :-Treaty of Commerce between England and France; 1623. Fr. Printed, Rouen, 1638. f. 4;-" Articles of peace, entercourse and commerce," etc., between England and Spain; 1630. f. 16;-Contract of marriage between Char..., 1623 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS historical and other letters and papers; 1494-1696:-1. Bond from John, Baron Dynham, Treasurer of England, to Thomas Stokes, for repayment of a loan of ten marks; 26 Feb., 9 Hen. VII. [1494]. Signed; with seal. f. 1. 2. Bond from Chris..., 1494-1696 British Library
referencedIn Salisbury Chapter, " ad petitiones et causas," xiith cent.Salisbury, Wiltshire: Chapter seal: 12th cent.Charles I of England: First Great seal. British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS treatises, viz.: 1. The "Academ Roial" of Edmund Bolton. Holograph. Other versions of this work are in Harley MSS. 6103 and 6143. A full account of this MS., which seems to be the latest, and to be, the actual copy prepared for King Cha..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn (ff. 29). BARRINGTON PAPERS. Select letters addressed to Sir Thomas Barrington, 2nd Bart., etc.; 1629, 1643. 1. Roger Williams, the Puritan minister, to Joan, Lady Barrington, desiring a marriage with her niece; n.d., 2 May, 1629. ff. 1, 3. 2. John P..., 1629-1643 British Library
referencedIn Vol. III (ff. 179). 1638.Accompts: Perceval family, Earls of Egmont and Barons Arden; private and estate accompts, etc.: 1632-1825.Sir Philip Perceval, Clerk and Registrar of Irish Court of Wards and Liveries: Correspondence and papers:, 1638 British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1709Paper, in folio, ff. 303, XVII and XVIII Centuries; bound with the preceding number.1. 'Arithmetique lecture, by Sir Hennage Fynche.' ff. 1-12.2. 'Grammer lecture, by Sir Francis Beamount.' ff. 13-22.3. 'A Short view of K. Henry the third ... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1455Paper, in 4to., ff. 85, XVII Century.1. 'Sir John Finch's speech to the Kinge at his commynge to Canterbury on Tuesday 31 May 1625.' ff. 1-3.2. 'My speech to the King and Queen at their coming to Canterburie on Monday 13 Junii 1625.' ff. 4... British Library
referencedIn PAPERS Of John Jones, of Kellilysday, co. Flint; chiefly copies or drafts of letters and petitions written by him while confined in the Fleet Prison, London, in 1641 and 1654-1657, and in Flint Gaol in 1643, complaining of his imprisonment and offeri..., 1641-1657 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS Poems, Prophecies, etc., in Welsh, written by various bands, in the xvith, xviith, and xviiith centuries, viz. :-Poems by Dafydd Llwyd ap Llewelyn ap Gruffydd-Merddyn Wyllt;-Jevan Feidwi;-Dafydd Gorlech;-Robin Du;-William Phylip;-Huw P..., 16th century-18th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. DIII (ff. 264). Letters, memorials and memoranda, relating to grants of pensions, leases of Crown lands, and places, chiefly in the Customs and Stamp Offices; 1704-1722, n.d. Partly French. Partly signed, copies and drafts.Customs and Excise: Le..., 1704-1722 British Library
referencedIn HAMILTON AND GREVILLE PAPERS. Vol. XV (ff. 77). Miscellaneous papers of the Oxenden, Hamilton and Greville families; temp. Henry VIII [1509]-1804. Divided into the following sections:-(1) Manorial documents relating to Underdowne manor in Herne, co...., 1509-1804 British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL letter of Charles I. to the "Committies of the Scots Parlament, together with the Officers of that Army;" Carisbrooke, 31 July, 1648. Holograph; with seals. Paper. Small Folio. Presented by T. D. Edwardes, Esq. British Library
referencedIn A Volume in folio; on paper: containing,1. " Leicester's Common-Wealthe. The Coppye of a Letter wrightten by a Mr. of Arts of Cambridge to his frends in London concerninge some talke paste betweene two worll and grave men about the present State, and... British Library
referencedIn Vol. II; 1638-1642, n.d.Louis XIII of France: Miscellaneous papers of Viscount Scudamore as ambassador to: circ. 1585-1642.includes:f. 2 Italy: List of places in Calabria engulfed by an earthquake: 1638.: Ital.f. 4 Wladislas VII; King of Poland: ..., 1638-1642 British Library
referencedIn VOL. II.-Letter from Theodore Haak to John Evelyn, 27 Nov. 1671 (with a portrait), f 6;-Fac-simile of a letter from John Hampden to Col. Bulstrode and others, 31 Oct. 1631 (with a portrait), f. 8;-Order signed by Sir William Hamilton for Major Robert..., 1624-1712 British Library
referencedIn IMPRESSION of the first Great Seal of Charles I. As Birch no. 567, Wyon, Great Seals of England, pp. 82-83 and pl. xxvi. IfCharles I of England: First Great Seal: 1625-1626. British Library
referencedIn ANOTHER Memorandum-book of Richard Symonds, containing: Recipes for colours and varnishes, precepts for oil painting, etc., obtained from Giovanni Angelo Canini, in Rome, 1650-1652. Ital., f. 1; "Some observations I made of certain old paintings I ha..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn COPIES Of treaties of the United Provinces with various European States, 1596-1641. French, Latin, and Dutch. Paper; xviith cent. Folio., 17th century British Library
referencedIn WARRANT from Charles I., appointing Colonel Jervase Hollis, Governor of the town of Lynn Regis, in Norfolk. Dat. Oxford, 6 April, 1644. [Add. Ch. 2015.] British Library
referencedIn "PANEGYRIQUE a tres-grand et tres-puissant Prince Charles Prince de Galles etc. Par Gilbert Primerose, Ministre du St. Euangile" [afterwards Canon of Windsor]. In two books; i. in praise of James I., f. 8; ii. in praise of the Prince of Wales, f. 31...., 17th century British Library
referencedIn PAPERS of George Vertue, the engraver. Amongst them the following; viz.: "A description of the tapestrys bought at Rotterdam (for Frederick, Prince of Wales) in 1749." f. 1; Note of paintings in Windsor Castle, made from memory by the Prince of Wales..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn A folio Volume of Letters and Tracts, chiefly Historical. Containing, 1. A Report made by Sir Thomas Rowe to the Commons House of Parliament of a Declaration made by the Earle of Bristoll to both Houses of Parliament. December 1640. fol. 1. 2. Sir Th... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION of instructions and relazioni to and from papal nuncios and other representatives of the Holy See relating to France, the peace congress of Cologne, England, Urbino, Senigallia, Tuscany, and the Valtelline during the papacy o... British Library
referencedIn ESSEX PAPERS. Vol. VII. (ff. 338). Sept.-Dec. 1674. 1. Letters from Sir William Temple, enclosing news of the campaign between the Confederates and the French, etc.; the Hague, 13 Sept., 12 Oct., 13 Nov. 1674. ff. 4, 104, 106, 169, 171. 2. Warrant fo... British Library
referencedIn TRANSCRIPT of a register of acts and proceedings of the Privy Council; 10 Aug., 32 Hen. VIII. [1540]-28 Dec., 33 Hen. VIII. [1541]. Added at the encl are:-" A book made by the Earl of Nottingham [Heneage Finch], Lord Chancellor," treating of the King..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn Penrith, Cumberland: Lease of profits of court in the honour of: 1664.Henry Jermyn, Earl of St. Albans; Master of the Household to Qu. Henrietta Maria: Leases by, in Westminster and Penrith: 1661, 1664.Sir Thomas Gower, 2nd Baronet; of Stittenham, co... British Library
referencedIn TRANSLATIONS of oriental letters, etc., viz.: (a) The Shah of Persia to Charles I.; 1635. From the original in the Public Record Office. f.1;-(b) The Shah of Persia to Charles II.; 1667. With critical remarks by the translator, Thomas Hyde, D.D., Pro... British Library
referencedIn Vol. II.Sir William Vavasour: Letters: 1643-1648.Henry Hastings, Baron Hastings of Loughborough: Letters: 1643, 1644.John Byron, Lord Byron: Letters: 1643-1645.Arthur Trevor: Letters: 1643-1645.George Goring, Earl of Norwich: Letters: 1643, 1644.Henr..., 1642-1658 British Library
referencedIn County of Montgomery: Casts of Royal seals for.Charles I of England: Casts of judicial seal for cos. Denbigh, Montgomery and Flint.County of Denbigh: Casts of Royal seals for. British Library
referencedIn KEYS to cyphers used by Sir Edward Nicholas; 1646-1658, and undated. The names of the correspondents are [Henry Jermyn, 1st] Lord Jermyn; 1646, f. 1. Charles I.; n. d., 1647, ff. 3, 5. Henry May, Sir Gilbert Talbot, Richard Lane and others; 1649, f. ..., 1646-1658 British Library
referencedIn 1. "EIKON BASILIKE, the Pourtraicture of His Sacred Majestie [Charles I.] in his solitudes and sufferings": a copy probably made from the first printed edition of 164.8/9, immediately after its publication. 2. Ballads, thirty in number, some being ge..., 17th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn ASTON PAPERS. VOI. XIII. Official correspondence and papers, consisting of original warrants and commissions by James I., Charles I., Prince Rupert and others, Privy Council orders, petitions to Parliament and miscellaneous papers relating to the Civ..., 1532-1696 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION of relazioni, instructions, and political tracts relating to the Papacy, Urbino, France, England and Spain; circa 1615-1633. Italian. Copies. The MS. includes (art. 5, ff. 122-130) a political tract in favour of the marriage ... British Library
referencedIn COPIES of political pamphlets, pieces in verse, prophecies, etc., chiefly relating to events of the reign of James I., and particularly to the proposed marriage between Charles, Prince of Wales, and the Infanta of Spain, about 1620-1625, and at subse..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS original letters and papers, viz. 1. Correspondence. of, and papers relating to, the family of Paston, of co. Norfolk, especially Robert Paston, 1st Earl of Yarmouth, Lord Lieutenant of the county (d. 1682); 1566-1693. The names of the ..., 1566-approximately 1800 British Library
referencedIn COPIES of political tracts and other papers relating to the proposed marriage of Prince Charles [afterwards Charles I.] of England, with Donna Maria Anna, Infanta of Spain, and other English affairs to 1660. At the end is a tract entitled, "Viaje de ..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn BARRINGTON PAPERS. Vol. VIII. (ff. 240). Political and other papers; 1580-1820. Included are:-1. "Sute" of the churchwardens and overseers of Maldon, co. Essex, to Sir John Popham, on a question of rating with opinion; [circ. 1580]. 2. Commission fr..., 1580-1820 British Library
referencedIn Robert Hooke, FRS: Collection of scientific papers and letters: 17th cent.includes:ff. 1-25 b Geography: Papers of Dr. R. Hooke rel. to the "English Atlas," printed at Oxford: 1680-1683.ff. 1-25 b Moses Pitt, bookseller and publisher, of London: ... British Library
referencedIn Warrant for the same surrender; 10 July, 1625. With privy seal.Gillingham Manor and Forest; Dorset: Surrender to Charles I., and warrant: 1625.Charles I of England: Privy seal: 1625.Charles I of England: Surrender by his trustees of Gillingham manor ... British Library
referencedIn A COLLECTION of papers chiefly relating to the English drama, temp. Hen. VII.-1778; formed by John Payne Collier, who has inserted a brief description of each article:-1. Note of a payment to Alexander Mason, "Marescallo minstrallorum Regis, et alii..., 1493-1685 British Library
referencedIn John Bambrigg: Appointment as Sheriff of co. Leic.: 1630.Leicestershire: Appointment of J. Bambrigg as Sheriff: 1630.Charles I of England: Third Great Seal: 1630.: Fragm. British Library
referencedIn (ff. 139). " MÉMOIRES, Actes, et Traittés concernans les affaires entre les Roys de France et d'Angleterre 1587, 1627-1630.Louis XIII of France: Affairs with England: 1627-1630.Henry III of France: Affairs with England: 1587.Charles I of England: Aff... British Library
referencedIn EDMONDES PAPERS. Vol. X. (ff. 389). 16 July, 1614-24 Mar. 1615 [6]. The volume opens with the instructions of James I. to Edmondes on his return to France. The latter continues to give full details of the dissensions in the French Court, which lasted... British Library
referencedIn CORRESPONDENCE and papers of the Corporation of Sandwich, co. Kent; 1570-1729. The names of writers are given in the Index. Paper; ff. 233. Folio. , 1570-1729 British Library
referencedIn COLLECTION relating to the ceremonials at Coronations, etc.: -1. "The Manner of the most happy returne into England of our gratious sovereign Lord King Charles the Second and his Proceeding through London upon Tewsday the 29th of May, 1660." Copy, c..., 1661-1702 British Library
referencedIn MILLES COLLECTION. Vol. XLIV (ff. i + 138). Historical collections covering periods from fabulous times to 17th cent. Clarendon MS. Vol. 55. There is a list of contents at ff. 2-3. Also included are:-(1) Two poems; 16th cent:-(a) The first 11 lines ..., 1300-1683 British Library
referencedIn West Inches: Relation of Sir F. Drake's third voyage to, in 1572 and 1573; set forth by his nephew, Sir F. Drake: temp. Chas. I.Philip Nichols, Preacher: Copy of his relation of Sir F. Drake's third voyage in 1572, 1573, to the W. Indies: temp. Chas.... British Library
referencedIn CALENDARS of the surveys, and particulars of sale, of the estates of Charles I., his Queen, and the Prince of Wales; compiled by John Caley. Paper; XIXth cent. Folio.Charles I of England: Calendar and index to the surveys and sales of the royal estat..., 19th century British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS letters, chiefly autograph; viz., 16th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn ACKNOWLEDGMENT by Christain IV., King of Denmark, of a loan from the English Parliament of 25771 Reichsthaler and 24 " Lübsch schilling," to be repaid at Epiphany, 1649. Dated Andtworthschou [Anderskou, in Seeland], 9 July, 1647. German. With signatu..., 1647 British Library
referencedIn CORRESPONDENCE and papers relating to the Civil War, consisting mainly of letters addressed to Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Manchester, in his capacity of Speaker to the House of Lords, most of which are printed in the Journals of the House of Lords; ..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn COPIES of historical papers, viz.: 1. Ordinances of the household of Edward II., translated from the French; 13 Mar. 1601, f. 1. 2. Ordinances of the household of Edward IV., f. 55. 3. Forms of oaths for various offices, f. 115. 4. The claim of Marga..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn TRUMBULL PAPERS. Vol. CCXXX (ff. 19). 'Arguments proueing the Kings Maties Proprietie in the Sea-Land and Salt Shores thereof; And that noe Subiect can lawfully hould any parte thereof but by the Kings especiall Graunt'; n.d., circa late 16th-early 1... British Library
referencedIn A COLLECTION of papers relating to the history of Portugal; 1483-1484, 1641-1661. Port.1. "Da grandeza do estado de Braganza," f. 8. 2. "Papers relating to the trial and condemnation of Fernando, Duke of Braganza, and Diogo, Duke of Viseo, for conspi..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. VIII (ff. 246). 1621-1654.includes:ff. 1, 15-18, 26-28, 31, 44-46, 51-54, 171-173 Stebbing, Essex: Surveys, etc., in: 1597-1640.f. 2 Sir Richard Longe: Act of Parliament for, 1541.: 1621.: Copy.f. 2 England; Parliament: Act for Sir R. Long..., 1621-1654 British Library
creatorOf (29/123{52}). REPORT of the Royal Commissioners on the State of the Clothing Industry; 9 June 1640. English. Signed by the commissioners.Trade and Commerce: Charles I of England: Report of Royal Commissioners on the State of the Clothing Industry: 16... British Library
referencedIn E. Statistical PapersPETTY PAPERS. VOL. XLI (ff. 176). Copies of papers, chiefly statistical and relating to the public revenue and trade, acquired by Petty in connection with his work on economics, demography and the reform of the Irish revenue; 162..., 1629-1691 British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1467Paper, 4to., ff. 154, XVII Century.1. 'A (poetical) dialogue between two zelots concerning etc., in the new oath.' f. 1.Begin: — 'Sir Roger from a zealous peece of freezeRaised to a Vicar of the children threes.'2. 'Articles of the Commons... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1775Chartaceus, in Quarto, ff. 254, sec. XVII.1. Catalogus morborum, cum remediis eorumdem. f. 1-22.2. 'The manner of the Duke of Buckingham's Election for the Chancellour of the University of Cambridge, with certaine observations on the same.... British Library
referencedIn ENGLISH poems, by [John] Lord Digby, -Reynolds, John Donne, Dean of St. Pauls, F[rancis] B[eaumont], [Sir] H[enry] W[otton], Sir H[enry] G[oodyear], Henry Skipwith, G. Lucy, T[homas] P[estell], [Sir] J[ohn] B[eaumont], Hen[ry] Kinge [Bishop of Chich..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn Charles I of England: Appointment by Qu. Henrietta Maria: 1660.: Engr. portrait. Signed.Elizabeth Boyle, Dowager Viscountess Boyle of Kinalmeaky, Countess of Guildford: Appointment of, as Chief Housekeeper of Somerset House, etc.: 1660.Art. Portraits... British Library
referencedIn COLLECTIONS relative to the Order of the Garter, viz.:-1. Clauses touching Garter King of Arms in the statutes of 14 Hen. VIII.; from the Liber Niger or "Blacke Booke" (Anstis, Register of the Order of the Garter, 1724, vol. ii., pp. 342, 350-4). La... British Library
referencedIn Sir Richard Wynn, 2nd Baronet; Treasurer to Queen Henrietta Maria: Receipt to W. Newton: 1640.William Newton: Receipt to, from Sir R. Wynn: 1640.Charles I of England: Receipt to W. Newton by Sir R. Wynn, Treasurer of Qu. Henrietta Maria: 1640.Art. Po... British Library
referencedIn "EXTRACTS of the state-papers and letters of Sir Edward Nicholas, Secretary of State" to Charles I. and Charles II.:-1. "Memoirs of the life of Sir Edward Nicholas....written by himself and transcribed from the original MS." f. 2. 2. "Extracts from ..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn CORPRESPONDENCE Of the family of Paston of Paston, co. Norfolk, Viscounts (1673) and Earls (1679) of Yarmouth ; 1551-1699. Prefixed are transcripts of four deeds, 1431-1442, now in the British Museum (Add. Ch. 17227, 17232-17234), and a draft in Sir ..., 1551-1699 British Library
referencedIn OFFICIAL letters addresseed to Colonel William Sydenham, Governor successively of Weymouth and tyhe Isle of Wight, with a few other papers and 1etters; 1643-1659. Many of the letters are from the Council of State, signed by John Bradshaw, President; ..., 1643-1659 British Library
referencedIn Sloane 2235Chartaceus, in 8vo., ff. 284, Sec. XVII.Collectanea quaedam medica. ff.1-284.Theodore Turquet de Mayerne, Baron; MD: Consilia et epistolæ medicæ: 1607-1653/4.: Lat. and Engl.Thomas Hodges: Medical receipts: 17th cent.includes:f. 23 Charl... British Library
creatorOf Charles I. Letter of King Charles I to Sir Edward Nicholas, expressing his displeasure at the surrender of Bristol; 14 September 1645. In a scribal hand with autograph subscription, signature and postscript. Published in William Bray’s edition of t... British Library
referencedIn Vol. I. (ff. 283). 1628-1651. 1. Message of the King to the House of Commons concerning liberty of speech; [? circ. 1628]. Copy (18th cent.). f. 1. 2. Privy Council to the " Chiefe officers of the Towne of Colchester," commanding them to assist the o... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS HISTORICAL LETTERS AND PAPERS; 1644 -1762. As follows:-(1) Letter from Charles I to Prince Rupert concerning the relief of Newark; Oxford, 7 March 164 ¾Sign-manual, and autograph postscript. Endorsed by the same hands as other letters..., 1644-1762 British Library
referencedIn Charles I of Scotland: Secretum seal: 1629.: Imperf.Charles I of England: Secretum for Scotland: 1629.: Imperf.Balmaclellan, Kirkcudbright: Deeds rel. to: 1541, 1629. British Library
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referencedIn LETTERS PATENT of Charles I. granting to Sir Edward Griffin, Junr., Knt., next heir to Sir Edw. Griffin, Senr., Knt., special livery of the latter's lands; dat. Westm. 5 Dec. ao. r. 2 [1626]. With the King's First Great Seal appended. [Add. Ch. 6022.... British Library
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referencedIn LETTERS and papers of Matthew Hutton, Dean of York (1567), Bishop of Durham (1589), and Archbishop of York (1595-1606), with a few others of later date; circ. 1575-1625. 1. R[obert Dudley, Earl of] Leicester, to M. Hutton, Dean of York, accepting his..., approximately 1575-approximately 1625 British Library
referencedIn includes:f. 1 James I of England: Letter from the Lords of the Council to the Justices of the Peace for levying a contribution for recovery of the Palatinate: 1622.: Copy.f. 2 London PARISHES AND LOCALITIES: Privy Council letter for levying a con... British Library
referencedIn (Gr. lviii.) " LE PORTRAIT de son altesse royale Madame Henriette, princesse d'Angleterre, dedié à Monsieur frère unique du roy. Par monsieur [Jean Puget] de la Serre, historiographe de France et maître de sa bibliothèque " : a eulogy, in prose and v..., 1661 British Library
referencedIn ALBUM Amicorum of Sir Thomas Cuming of Scotland, when resident at the University of Heidelberg, containing the Autographs of many noble and learned persons, accompanied sometimes with their arms ; collected chiefly at Basle, Heidelberg, Leyden, Londo..., 1612-1616 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS, viz.:-(1) 'The Royall Slaue / A Tragicomedy / The Scene Sardes / Acted before the King at Oxford', [30 Aug. 1636], [by William Cartwright]. Of earlier date than the printed edition of 1639, and wanting the Prologue and Epilogue..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn GRANTS and dockes of arms, with the arms in trick, chiefly tempp. Eliz.-Chas. II. With an index of names. At the end of the volume, reversed is an index to some other heraldic collection. The volume also contains copies of:-(a) Speech of Charles I. a... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS original letters, etc., 1588-1877 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION of letters and papers, of a commercial and diplomatic character, mostly referring to foreign affairs.Included are some original letters, imperfect or unsigned drafts, etc. The names of the writers, etc. are to be found in the..., 16th century-18th century British Library
creatorOf TREATIES AND RELATED DOCUMENTS, chiefly concerning England; 1043-1654. Latin, English, French and Portuguese. Copies, mid 17th cent.: main text written after June 1646, see the latest dated item in the main hand, ff. 341-341b. One item bears a margin... British Library
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referencedIn "A DAY-BOOKE of some speciall passages and mercyes both personall and nationall, particular and generall, since these troubles in the kingdome began, Anno Domini 1640." A journal of the Civil War, 1642-49; by John Syms, incumbent of Sheepstor, co. De..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. III (ff. 225). I-W; circ. 1539-1716.includes:f. 1 James Talbot, DD; Rector of Spofforth 1700: Letter to, from H. James: 1698.f. 1 Henry James, DD, President of Queens' College, and Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University: Letter to J.Talbot:..., approximately 1539-1716 British Library
referencedIn VENEZUELA PAPERS. Vol. X. (ff. 300). 1635-1636.1. Rozas to Miguel de Nicolalde; Madrid, 9 Dec. 1635. With answer of the same date, etc. The first letter purports to have been enclosed in another docketed " A Miguel de Nicolalde con los pliegos sobre,..., 1635-1636 British Library
referencedIn WORSLEY PAPERS. Vol. I (ff. 285). (1) Correspondence and papers by the Worsley family; 1540-1805. The contents include:-(a) A transcript for Sir Richard Worsley, 7th Bart., of Richard James's 'Antiquitates Insulae Vectae' from Oxford, Bodleian Libr...., 1322-1830 British Library
referencedIn Charles I., "1643" type.Charles I of England: Great seals: 1627, 1643. British Library
referencedIn Vol. i., ff. 260, 1700-1740.Cox Macro, DD: Correspondence and papers: 1700 -1764.includes:f. 8 John Hervey, 1st Earl of Bristol: Letter to T. Macro: 1700. f. 10 Plymouth, Devon: Account of: 1700. ff. 10, 11, 12, 17 Thomas Cox: Letters to T. Macro,..., 1700-1740 British Library
referencedIn "REGALYTIE and Obedyence, shewinge (by the Lawes of Grace and Nature) what Souueraigne Princes and their Subiects are, and what they should bee, and Howe and in what manner, those ought to command and these to obaye, . . . . by John Reynolds;" with a... British Library
referencedIn NOTES of the sale of the pictures, etc., of Charles I.; 1649-1652, extracted from the original certificates of the contractors by Joseph Hunter. Paper; xixth cent. Oblong Octavo.Charles I of England: Notes of sale of the royal pictures, 1649-1652, by..., 19th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXV. MISCELLANEOUS Political and State Papers; late l5th cent.-1648 [9]. Included are -1. Fragment of discourse on affairs in Portugal; late 15th cent. f. 1. 2. Rejoinder drawn up by order of Henry VIII. to the answer made by the Emperor Charle... British Library
referencedIn "DIVINE and Morall Observations," in verse and prose, with poetry by various authors; collected by Abigail Guilford [afterwards Hooper]. Included are:-1. "Mr. Cowley, in commendation of his mistress," f. 30 b. 2. Verses on the removal of the body of..., 1603-1714 British Library
referencedIn WODEHOUSE PAPERS. Vol. XXVIII. Letter-books of the Deputy-Lieutenants and Justices of the Peace for co. Suffolk; 1608-1640.Army; England: Papers rel. to musters in co. Suff.: 1608-1640.County of Suffolk: Letter-books of the Deputy Lieuts. and J.P.'s:..., 1608-1640 British Library
referencedIn Rayne, Essex: Deeds rel. to: 1291-1757.Charles I of England: First Great Seal: 1627. British Library
referencedIn EDMONDES PAPERS. Vol. VIII. (ff. 311). 1 July, 1612-24 March, 1612 [3]. Edmondes's drafts are very numerous in this volume, and are addressed to the King and to Robert Carr, Viscount Rochester. They give a very particular account of the dissensions i... British Library
referencedIn "A FULL Answere to a Confused Medley of false, trayterous, and contradictory observations on the life and actions of the late King Charles, published by Wm Lilley in July, 1651. Written by way of letter to him by Sir Edward Walker, Knt, Garter Princi... British Library
referencedIn TRANSCRIPTS of historical letters, political tracts, and other papers, viz 1. Qu. Anne Boleyn to Henry Vlll.; " From my dolefull Pryson in the Tower," 6 May, [1536]. " Founde amonge Cromwell's Papers." Printed in Cabala, London, 1691, p. 1. f. 1. 2. ... British Library
referencedIn ROLL of New-Year's Gifts given and received by Charles I, 1 Jan. 162 6/7. The regular recipients are classified as " Estates and Earles, Countesses and Ladies, Vizcountes, Bishopps, Barons, Knights, Gentlemen and Musitians "; after these follows anot..., 1627 British Library
referencedIn "SPEACHES, Passages, and other Obseruations at the Parliament begun and holden at Westminster vjo Febr. 1625[6] Annoque 1o Caroli Regis, etc.: and there continued with much difficulty till Thursday 1.5o Junij: what time the same was abortiuely dissol..., 1626 British Library
referencedIn TRANSCRIPTS, facsimiles, and drafts of English and Foreign State letters; 1549-1765. A few of them have memoranda in the hand of Thomas Astle, and are copies of letters that have since been acquired by the British Museum. The contents are:-1. Henry ... British Library
creatorOf C. Sir Edward Nicholas: letter 'By his Majesty’s Command' to Prince Rupert, Oxford; 17 April 1644. Signed. Damaged by damp with some loss of text at the top. With a four-line autograph annotation by Charles I. Originally part of the Nicholas Paper... British Library
referencedIn Vol. ii. (ff. 535). 1649-1660.1. " List of persons excluded out of France by the agreement with Cromwell "; 1649. f. 6. 2. Instructions for Sir Henry Hyde, "Consul for Greece and the islands there of "; St. 19 Sept. 11349, f. 9;-for a Royalist agent ..., 1649-1660 British Library
referencedIn EGMONT PAPERS. Vol. CXCIII (ff. i+12). Egmont MS. 267. Commonplace book chiefly of Sir Philip Perceval, 2nd Bart. (d. 1680); aft. 1668. The principal contents are:-(1) 'The Earle of Pembrock's speech in the house of Peers when the 7 Lords were accuse... British Library
referencedIn OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCE of Robert Long (cr. Bart. 1662, d. 1673), Surveyor-General to Qu. Henrietta Maria, member of the Privy Council, and Secretary of State to Charles II.; 1649-1654. The contents consist chiefly of letters addressed to him as Secr..., 1649-1654 British Library
referencedIn Charles I of England: Great Seal: 1626, 1627, 1629. British Library
referencedIn TRANSCRIPTS Of political papers, letters, treatises and poems, chiefly relating to the times of James I. and Charles l., with a few original papers. Several of the documents relate to Francis Fane, 1st Earl of Westmoreland, in his connection with co...., 17th century British Library
referencedIn LETTER-BOOK Of the Commissioners for Scotland in London; 15 Aug. 1645-27 Oct. 1646. The commissioners (apparently John Maitland, 2nd Earl of Lauderdale, Archibald Johnstone, Lord Warristoun, Hew Kennedy and Robert Barclay), who were also members of t... British Library
referencedIn JESSOP PAPERS. Vol. I (ff. 185). Miscellaneous official and private correspondence and papers of Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex; 1614 -1646, n.d.Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex: Correspondence and papers of and rel. to: 17th cent.includes:ff...., 1614-1646 British Library
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referencedIn CORRESPONDENCE and papers of the family of Seymour, Barons Seymour of Trowbridge, and chiefly of Charles Seymour, of Marlborough, who succeeded to the title in 1664, including some papers of the family of Seymour, Earls and Marquesses of Hertford; 16... British Library
referencedIn A VOLUME of Heraldic and Historical treatises, chiefly from the reign of James I. to the reign of Charles II, comprising the following articles. " An Analysis of a certeyne discourse concerning the distribution of his Majesties [Charles I.] Honours;"..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn TRANSCRIPT of a manuscript in the custody of the Comptroller General of the Exchequer, containing an account of the Loans exacted by Charles I. from his subjects in the year 1625 ; made by Frederick Devon, 1838. Folio. Presented by the Right Hon. Sir..., 1838 British Library
referencedIn 'AN INQUIRY INTO THE SHARE WHICH KING CHARLES I had in the Transactions of [Edward Somerset] the Earl of Glamorgan for bringing over a Body of the Irish Rebels to assist that King in the years 1645 and 1646', with preface and Appendix, being the draf..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn HEATH AND VERNEY PAPERS. Vol. IX (ff. 404). Miscellaneous papers relating to Rutlandshire, 1550-1683. The bulk of the volume consists of assessments for, and orders relating to levy of subsidies, warrants from J.P.'s to High and petty Constables, etc..., 1550-1683 British Library
referencedIn Charles I of England: Collection of the whole proceedings between the King and J. Hampden in the case of shipmoney: 1635-1638.John Hampden, junior; MP for county Buckinghamshire: Proceedings against, in the case of shipmoney: 1635-1638.includes:ff. 5... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1818Chartaceus, 4to., ff. 219, Sec. XVII; cum codice 1819 compactus.1. 'Carmen Pindaricum in theatrum Sheldonianum, Anthore Corbetto Owen, A. B., ex aede Christi.' ff. 1-13.Exstat impressum, 4to. Oxon. 1669.2. Theological treatise intitled 'Th... British Library
creatorOf LETTER from Francesco Erizzo, Doge of Venice, to Charles I, King of England, promising protection for English merchants trading in the islands of Venice, and in particular for John Hobson; 7 June 1641. See C. S. P. Venetian, 1640-1642, p. 159. From T... British Library
creatorOf POLITICAL TRACTS AND PAPERS relating to domestic and foreign affairs; 1350-1351, 1576-1631. Latin, English, French and Italian. Chiefly copies, with some originals and drafts. 1. ff. 2-19. 'A discourse of the highe Court of Parliament, and of the Aut..., 1350-1632 British Library
referencedIn HODGKIN PAPERS. Vol. X (ff. 256). Documents illustrative of social history, etc.; 1573-1843. 1. Deposition, signed by Rycherd Page, Heughe He[y]ward, Davy Myller, and (by a mark) John Blonte, of St. Clement's parish [St. Clement Danes, London], respe..., 1573-1843 British Library
referencedIn HEATH AND VERNEY PAPERS. Vol. X (ff. 246). Rentals, surveys, accompts, memoranda and miscellaneous papers rel. to Soham and Fordham, co. Camb., in the Duchy of Lancaster, 1584-1683, includling papers rel. to inclosures and inclosure riots during whic..., 1584-1683 British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1778Paper, in 4to, ff. 21, XVII Century; Bound together with Nos. 99 and 2282.Schemes of Nativities. ff. 1-21.Astrology: Schemes of nativities: 1533, 1564.includes:f. 2 Jackson: Horoscope of his son: 1652.f. 3 Caleb Samby: Horoscope: 1652/... British Library
creatorOf LETTER-BOOK OF JOHN, BARON DIGBY, 1st Earl of Bristol 1622, as ambassador to Spain; 14 March 1622-29 Aug. 1623. Latin, English, French and Spanish. The volume relates chiefly to the Spanish Marriage project. See: S. R. Gardiner, Prince Charles and th..., 1622-1623 British Library
referencedIn VOL. II. [William Graham, 7th Earl of] Monteth [Menteith]; 18 Apr. 1604. Fr., f. 2; Francis Goodwin; 23 June, 1604, f. 7; [John Graham, 3rd Earl of] Montrose; 5 Aug. 1604, f. 9; J[ames Elphinston, 1st Lord] Balmerino, 10 Oct. 1606, f. 11; [Sir Henry ..., 16th century-17th century British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL letters from Queen Henrietta Maria to Charles I. 1642-1645. French. Mostly holograph; and partly in cipher. With decipherings and endorsements by Charles. The greater number are printed in Mrs. M. A. E. Green's Letters of Qu. Henrietta Maria..., 1642-1645 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS, with a few letters, relating to the following members of the Herbert family, viz. (1) Edward, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury (d. 1648);-(2) Sir Henry Herbert, Knt., his brother (d. 1673);-(3) Henry, son of the latter, 1st Baron H..., 1630-1670 British Library
referencedIn DROPMORE PAPERS (SERIES II). Vol. CCCXXXVII. 1. Letter from Charles I to Prince Rupert; 21 April 1643. Printed in Eliot Warburton, Memoirs of Prince Rupert and the Cavaliers (1849), vol. II, p. 374. Copy made circa 1872 from the original. 2. Two list..., 1773-1872 British Library
referencedIn GRIM JOHNSON THORKELINI Collectanea ad historiam Anglicanam spectantia, scil. Declaratio originis Henrici VII. Regis;-Genealogia Philippi et Mariæ. ;-Declaratio eorum quae circa Johannis Sommerfildi susceptum scelus acciderunt in Anglia, anno 1583 ;-..., 1583-1735 British Library
referencedIn AUTOBIOGRAPHY of Mildmay Fane, 2nd Earl of Westmoreland (b. 1602, succ. 1630, d. 1666). Lat. Preceded by (a) a short historical account of Arabia. f. 1 ;-(b) Speech of Charles I. at his trial, disputing the jurisdiction of the Court, [1649]. f. 3;-(..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION OF POLITICAL TRACTS AND LETTERS, ETC.; circa 1567-1639, n.d., with additions circa 1683-1699. Copies. Partly Latin. The collection consists largely of political tracts from the reign of James I, with some verses. The final se..., 1562-1639 British Library
referencedIn TRUMBULL PAPERS. Vol. CXLVI (ff. 163). Papers concerning English relations with France (ff. 1-30), Spain (ff. 31-107) and the Spanish Netherlands (ff. 108-163); 1557-1631, n.d. Included are papers relating to the Spanish match, circa 1623-1625, for w..., 1557-1631 British Library
referencedIn P. A. TAYLOR PAPERS. Vol. I. Miscellaneous family papers of the Taylors, including wills, mostly copies, 1655-1820; surveys, viz. of Whatley [Wheatley, co. Oxon.], 1635 (f. 1), Ashwell, co. Hertf., 1647 (f. 21), South Weald with Costwood and Caldecot..., 1650-1899 British Library
referencedIn "CHARLES STUARDT, Tragedie; ou La mort du Roy d'Angleterre," 1660. BY E. Aigrot. With dedication to "Monseigneur de Marinys [Domenico Marini] archeuesque et Vice-Légat d'Augnon." Paper; XVIIth cent. Quarto., 17th century British Library
referencedIn Charles I of England: General pardons to J. Talbot and Lord Shrewsbury: 1626.: Third Great Seals.George Talbot, 9th Earl of Shrewsbury 1618: Miscellaneous grants, etc., to: 1614-1626. British Library
referencedIn SCATTERGOOD COLLECTIONS. Vol. VI. Commonplace-book, consisting mainly of extracts from legal, scientific and historical works, of H[enry?] Consett, probably to be identified with the author of The Practice of the Spiritual or Ecclesiastical Courts, 1..., approximately 1700 British Library
creatorOf TRUMBULL PAPERS. Vol. CLXXXV (ff. 1820. 14/24 Mar. 1614-20 Dec. 1631.includes:ff. 80, 108 Henry IV of France; Marie de Medici: Charles I of England: Correspondence between Marie de Medici and Charles: 1629: Fr.: Autograph. British Library
referencedIn 'THE EARLE OF BRISTOLL HIS ANSWER to certaine Articles exhibited against him in Parliament by the Duke of Buckingham. . .', being an account of complaints brought against John Digby, 1st Earl of Bristol, relative to his conduct of the marriage negoti..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn THURLOE PAPERS. Vol. III (ff. 206). Viz:-(1) John Owen, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, to the Lord Protector; 20 Oct. 1655. Op. cit. iv, p. 65. ff. 3-4b. (2) Decree of Daniel Searle, Lt.-General and Governor of Barbados, in a suit there between Rober... British Library
referencedIn Album Amicorum: Boussy (Charles de): 1608-1638.Charles de Bousy: Album: 1608-1638.includes:f. 2 HENRY FREDERIC, Princes of Wales: Autograph in album: n.d.f. 3 b Bernhart von Bulow: Autograph in album: [1608-1638].f. 5 Charles I of England: Auto... British Library
referencedIn TWELVE Original Letters from Charles I. to Prince Rupert; 8 March 1642-4 Aug. 1645. Partly in cypher. Paper. Folio. [Add. 18,983.] British Library
referencedIn "THE ARGUMENTS de Shipmoney": summary of the argument of Sir John Banks, Attorney-General, and of the judgments of the twelve Judges, on John Hampden's case in the Exchequer Chamber, 16 Dec. 1637-12 June, 1638. Probably taken down at the time; perhap... British Library
referencedIn VOL. I.-Order of Charles VIII., King of France, for the payment of the gabel on salt, in the towns of Moulins, Montluçon, Bourbon L'Ancey, and Clermont, to [Pierre] Duc de Bourbonnois et d'Auvergne, for one year ; dat. Vienne, 18 Aug. 1494, Fr. (on p..., 1494-1830 British Library
referencedIn Charles I of England: Solution of the proble0 how to reconcile him and the Parliament: 17th cent. British Library
referencedIn COLLECTION Of papers relating to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, viz.:-"A memorial relating to the Universities," suggesting amendments in the statutes; [ 1717-18]. f. 2. J. Gutch, Collectanea Curiosa, 1781, vol. ii. p. 53. Gutch say... British Library
referencedIn ASTON PAPERS. Vol. I. (ff. 257). Correspondence of Sir Walter Aston; 1619-1620. The writers are:-Sir Robert Naunton, Secretary of State; Sir George Calvert, Secretary of State; 20 Jan., 20 Mar. 1619[20]. ff. 122,134. 4 Aug., 20 Nov. 1620. ff. 173, 2..., 1619-1620 British Library
referencedIn HODGKIN PAPERS. Vol. II (ff. 291). General historical papers, and Southwell papers, viz.: A. Historical papers, 1639-1708 : 1. Minutes made by [Edward Walker (knt. 1645)], secretary to Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel, General against the Scots, afterw..., 1639-1708 British Library
referencedIn SHREWSBURY (TALBOT) PAPERS. Vol. V (ff. 194). Estate papers of the Talbots and their relatives, mainly of the 16th and 17th centuries (with transcripts of earlier documents). Both this and the preceding volume contain papers relating to the Wellys al... British Library
creatorOf LICENCE of Charles I to Sir Edward Stradling, 2nd Bart., of St Donat's, co. Glam., authorising him to levy a fine or recovery on the manor of Combe Haway [Combe Hay], co. Som., despite his minority; n.d. [circa 1637-1643]. English.Sign Manual.Charles... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 2180Paper, in folio, ff. 76, XVII Century; bound with No. 2179.1. 'Regguaglio delle turbulenze d'Inglaterra, al tempo di Carlo I. ff. 1-33.2. 'Relatione delle turbulenze d'Ingleterra al tempo delle due Regine.' ff. 34-51.3. 'Discorso sopra il ... British Library
referencedIn Charles I of England: Proceedings in Parliament: 1625-1646.includes:f. 1 Sir Thomas Wentworth, afterwards Earl of Strafford: Articles of his accusation for high treason: 1640.f. 3 Sir Edward Dering, 1st Baronet: Speech in Parliament on the Papist... British Library
referencedIn Vol. II. (ff. 320). ANGLO-BELGlCA, or state-papers relating to affairs between England and the Netherlands, many of which refer to the trade of the two countries to the East Indies; 1585-1659. 1. Treaties of England with the United Provinces, viz.: 1... British Library
referencedIn ACADEMICAL orations of John Cleveland, the poet, "Prælector Rhetorices," at Cambridge, etc., viz.: 1. Ad Academiam præfatio, f. 1. 2. Oratio coram Rege Carolo I. habita, f. 6 b. 3. Omtio habita in Senatu Cantabrigiensi coram Principe Palatino; Jan. 1..., 17th century British Library
creatorOf TRUMBULL PAPERS. Vol. CLXXI (ff. 52). 'A Remonstrance, delivered to his Majestie [Charles I] in writinge, after the Inhibition given by him to the Lower House of Parliament, as well by word of mouth, as by Letters, not to proceede in examininge his R..., approximately 1627 British Library
referencedIn Vol. vi. (ff. 204). 1626-1689. The writers are:-Sir Francis Nethersole; Hague, 10 Jan.-Nov. 1626, 25 June, 1633, ff. 4, 19, 25,138. Earl of Holland; [-Oct. -Dec. 1628], ff. 34, 36, 40. Abbate [Cesare Alessandro] di Scaglia, Ambassador from Savoy ..., 1626-1689 British Library
referencedIn Sloane 2220Paper, in Octavo, ff. 265, XVII Century.1. Medical observations and receipts. ff. 1-250.2. One hundred aphorisms containing the whole body of Natural Magic. ff. 251b-265.Theodore Turquet de Mayerne, Baron; MD: Consilia et epistolæ medicæ: ... British Library
creatorOf CHARNWOOD AUTOGRAPHS. Vol. I. English historical autographs, etc., circa 16th-20th cent. Included are Henry VII, Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, William III, Anne, and George II; Sir Philip Sidney, Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford, Thomas, 3rd Bar..., approximately 16th century-20th century British Library
referencedIn JOHN STEWARD: 'BOOKE OF THE NOBILITY'; circa 1603-1643. This catalogue, comprising some two hundred English peerages extant 1603-1633, is prefaced (f. 1) by the note 'This Booke of the Nobility hath bine Continued from the first yeare of the raigne o..., approximately 1603-1643 British Library
referencedIn REPORTS of several Cases in the Star Chamber, 9 Car. I. ;-Instructions to the Master of the Wards and Liveries, for the better execution of his office, temp. Jac. I.;-Discourse of Wardship and Tenures;-Arguments in the Court of Exchequer in defence ..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn PAPERS relating to the Eikon Basilike;1649-1660. See the Introduction by Edw. J. L. Scott to the reprint by Elliot Stook, London,1880:-1. English version of the epistle dedicatory from Dr. John Earles [or Earle, afterwards Dean of Westminster, and B..., 1649-1660 British Library
referencedIn ASTON PAPERS. Vol. IX. (ff. 225). Private correspondence of the family of Aston; 1613-1703. Mostly printed, by A. Clifford, Tixall Letters, 1815. The names of the writers are included in the Index. The arrangement agrees with that of the printed work..., 1613-1703 British Library
referencedIn 1. COPIES of the papers contained in the preceding volume; by Sir W. Betham, f. 1. 2. "A form for ye government of ye (first) Earl of Cork's family at Stalbridge," f. 22. 3. Copy of an autobiographical memoir of Richard Boyle, first Earl of Cork, f. ..., 17th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn BLENHEIM PAPERS. Vol. CCCLXXXI (ff. 116). (1) Papers of Thomas Brudenell, 1st Earl of Cardigan, mostly relating to measures against recusants in Northamptonshire and the sequestration of Brudenell's estates; 1606-1654, n.d. Partly printed. Partly Lat..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn FAIRFAX MEMOIRS, ETC. Vol. I. Thomas, 3rd Baron Fairfax, 'A short memoriall of some things to be cleared during my Command in ye Army' and 'A short memoriall of the Northerne Actions during ye war there, from ye yeare 1642 till 1644'; circa 1671-1699..., approximately 1671-1699 British Library
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creatorOf LETTERS OF CREDENCE of Francesco Erizzo, Doge of Venice, addressed to Charles I, King of England, for the Venetian ambassador Vincenzo Contarini, anticipating the return as English Ambassador of Basil, Viscount Fielding; 10 Aug. 1640. See C. S. P. Ve... British Library
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referencedIn LETTERS and papers chiefly relating to the Civil War; 1633-1655. 1. Declaration by Charles I. of the intent of an award, made 8 July, 1632, between the Earls of Arundel and Pembroke relative to the management of certain lands unspecified, and to the... British Library
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referencedIn LETTERS patent of Charles I. of England, appointing Sir Isaac Wake, Ambassador in France, commissioner to treat with the commissioners of Francis I. Dat. Greenwich, 29 June, 1631. Signed by the king. [Add. Ch. 1529.] British Library
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referencedIn REGISTER of Sir Walter Erle, Lieut.-General of the Ordnance, containing memoranda of warrants received from the Lord Admiral for delivery of ordnance to merchant ships for their defence; and of bonds entered into by the owners or masters of the vesse... British Library
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referencedIn LISTS of military and other stores supplied to the King at Oxford, 25 Nov. 1642-10 Nov. 1643, including in most cases the names of the persons from whom they were obtained. Paper; ff. 72. Folio.Charles I of England: Military stores, etc., supplied to... British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1471Paper, in 12mo ff. 25, XVII century; formerly belonging to John Dobson, and Adrian Scroop.1. Observations upon the preparation and virtues of Chocolate." ff. 3-16.2. A few Latin verses, with English translations, by J. E. f. 17.3. An accou... British Library
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referencedIn Another Volume, in folio; partly in a similar hand, and also containing a Collection of Letters and Tracts chiefly Historical. Viz.1. Sir Francis Bacon his Speech at the Arraignemente of Robert [Carr] Earle of Somerset. fol. 1. 2. A breefe Abstract o... British Library
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referencedIn Vol. I (ff. 129), 1446-1864 British Library
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creatorOf SCOTS COMMISSIONERS FOR THE TREATY OF RIPON: correspondence and papers; Aug. 1640-March 1641. Copies. This notebook relates to negotiations by the Scots Commissioners over the eight months from the Second Bishops' War to the final rejection of their ..., 1640-1641 British Library
referencedIn THE BOOKE of the King's [Charles I.] 40 Pictures and 12 Statues placed at this time in the King's Chare-Roome, in the Privy Gallery. Apparently the original list drawn up by Abraham Van der Doort, keeper of the King's Pictures. The Royal arms and cyp... British Library
referencedIn Vol. ii. 1680-1690.Sir Stephen Fox, Paymaster-General: Instructions and powers of attorney to J. Ellis and others: 1683-1688.James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde: Papers relating to: 1690-1697.includes:f. 1 England; Parliament: Speech of Lord Owory in d..., 1680-1690 British Library
referencedIn Major Richard Salwey, Prisoner in the Tower: Allowance of materials to, for petitioning Charles II.: 1661.Philip V of Spain: Account of Spanish ships taken and burnt in Rodondello Harbour by the English and Dutch,: 1702.includes:f. 1 Elizabeth I of E... British Library
referencedIn Charles I of England: Privy Council Seal. British Library
creatorOf COLLECTION OF TRACTS, ETC.; 15th cent.-1623, n.d. Latin and English. Some copies and drafts. 1. ff. 4-11b. Treatise by Sir John Fortescue against the title of Edward IV to the throne of England; [1461-1463?] Latin. Copy. Probably written while Fortes..., 1400-1627 British Library
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referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS relating to the Island of Jersey, including many connected with the family of Poingdestre; 1618-1832. Among thein are:-1. Mandate from Jean Herault, Bailly, to the Vicompte to summon the States ; St. Sauveur, 7 April, 1618. Sig..., 17th century-19th century British Library
creatorOf LETTERS PATENT of Charles I granting Perce Butler, 1st Viscount Ikerrin, the manors of Lismalling, 'Clovemilchon' and 'Inchrothiery' al. 'Inchiroirke' in the barony of Slievardagh, co. Tipperary, etc.; 1638. Latin. Presented by Mrs W. B. Gardiner. Co... British Library
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referencedIn A COLLECTION of Parliamentary Documents, mostly originals, relating to events in the years 1624-1659, viz. :-Copy of the Declaration by James I. to his Parliament, upon breaking off the treaties of the match with Spain, and of the Palatinate, [25 Mar..., 1624-1659 British Library
referencedIn POLITICAL and other papers, partly in the handwrtings of Henry and Richard Oxenden; 1621-1641:-1. Proceedings in parliament against Lord Chancellor Bacon; 1621, f. 1. 2. "The deliuerie [to James I.] of the 2 declaracions of both houses of parliament..., 1621-1641 British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL LETTERS under the signet, from Charles I. to Henry Cary Viscount Falkland, Lord Deputy of Ireland; 9 Apr. 1628-21 Jul. 1629. Signed. Paper. Folio. [Add. 18,824.] British Library
referencedIn COLLECTION of political and other papers made by Sir Julius Cæsar, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Master of the Rolls, etc., consisting of transcripts of state-papers, and various political and legal notes, together with a few private letters; 1524-163..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn Charles I.: Court of Wards and Liveries. First seal.Court of Wards and Liveries: Seals: temp. Chas.1.Charles I of England: Seals for the Court of Wards and Liveries. British Library
referencedIn COPIES of public documents relating to English History for the years 1625 and 1626; with a few of other dates; collected by Robert Sanderson for his continuation of Rymer's "Foedera." Paper; XVIIIth cent. Six volumes. Folio. [Add. 17,992-17,997.], 18th century British Library
referencedIn POEMS of Sir Thomas Wyat, the elder (1503-1541). As far as f. 65 b (two short holograph pieces on f. 54 b excepted) written by an amanuensis, but corrected by the author, who has also added his name " Tho " or " Wyat " in the margins (cf. Cott. MS. V..., 1635-1653 British Library
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