Morrissey, Arthur M., 1906-2004

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Arthur M. Morrissey was born on December 26, 1906 to Michael and Amy E. (Ryan) Morrissey. He attended Boston College and graduated in 1929. Morrissey became an ophthalmologist and was appointed Surgeon-in-Chief to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Service at the Cambridge City Hospital in 1941. He was also a veteran of World War II. Morrissey donated his brother’s collection of Japanese prints to Boston College in December 1949 as a memorial to his brother, James W. Morrissey. Arthur M. Morrissey also donated his own collection of Haitian paintings from his time as a volunteer with Catholic Charities in Haiti in the late 1960s. He worked on-and-off in Haiti, primarily in Port-de-Paix from around 1964-1979, in a clinic as an ophthalmologist. Morrissey died on October 9, 2004.



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