Hartmanis, Juris, 1928-

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Juris Hartmanis; born July 5, 1928; is a prominent computer scientist and computational theorist who, with Richard E. Stearns, received the 1993 ACM Turing Award "in recognition of their seminal paper which established the foundations for the field of computational complexity theory"; born in Latvia. He was a son of Mārtiņš Hartmanis, a general in the Latvian Army, and sister of poet Astrid Ivask. After the Soviet Union occupied Latvia in 1940, Mārtiņš Hartmanis was arrested by Soviets and died in a prison. At the end of World War II, the wife and children of Mārtiņš Hartmanis left Latvia as refugees, fearing for their safety if the Soviet Union took over Latvia again.


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