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Alexander, Leo, 1905-

1905 Born in Vienna, Austria Hungary 1929 Received doctorate in medicine from University of Vienna 1932 Moved to Peiping, China to teach psychiatry and neurology at Peiping Union Medical College 1933 Emigrated to the United States of America 1934 Appointed to positions at Boston City Hospital, Harvard Medical School and Boston State Hospital. 1936 Married Phyllis Harrington 1941 1946 Associate Professor Neuropsychiatry at Duke University 1942 Appointed Colonel, Medical Corps, US Army, 8th Air Force Medical Intelligence - active duty 1946 1947 Acted as US Medical Consultant to Secretary of War and US Chief Counsel for War Crimes during te Nuremberg Doctors' Trial, Nuremberg, Germany 1972 Received the Gold Medal Award of the Society of Biological Psychiatry 1985 Died in Weston, MA

From the guide to the Papers, 1883-2001, (Harvard Law School Library, Harvard University)

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Alexander, Leo W (person)

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