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University of Chicago. School of Social Service Administration.

The Work Incentive Program (WIN) was established by the U.S. Department of Labor in 1967-1968. WIN was designed to increase employability and employment among those receiving welfare under Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). It required states to offer job training and job-seeking assistance. A voluntary program until 1971, incentives for participation ranged from exemptions in calculating AFDC need to actual incentive payments. WIN programs were federally funded and locally administered by employment services and social services.

As a research institution and public service provider, the University of Chicago's School of Social Service Administration (SSA) was involved with local administration of the WIN program. Working closely with the University of Michigan's School of Social Work and Case Western University's School of Applied Social Science, SSA produced a number of reports on the program's administration and its efficacy on the ground.


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