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Dietzgen, Joseph, 1828-1888

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Dietzgen, Iosif, 1828-1888. (person)

880-13 Dit︠s︡gen Iosif - nemet︠s︡kiĭ rabochiĭ, sot︠s︡ial-demokrat, pisatelʹ, filosof. Dit︠s︡gen Evgeniĭ - nemet︠s︡kiĭ rabochiĭ publit︠s︡ist, syn I. Dit︠s︡gena i izdatelʹ ego rabot. From the description of Dietzgen: Iosif (1828-1888) i Eugenie (1862-1930). Fond 214, 1867-1943, 1867-1913. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122888350 ...