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Conard, Alfred F. (Alfred Fletcher), 1911-2009

Professor of Law at the University of Michigan.

From the description of Alfred Fletcher Conard papers, 1959-1971. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 85778301


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Fordham, Alfred J., 1911-2000. (person)

Alfred J. Fordham was born January 22, 1911, in Roslindale, Massachusetts. The second of four children, Fordham was the son of Patrick William and Sarah Ellen Fordham. Mr. Fordham came to specialize in plant propagation. He focused on the study of dwarf and abnormal conifers, particularly seedlings raised from witches' broom seeds of various species of pines. Fordham studied barriers to germination of woody plants, seed dispersal, and techniques to speed up germination. He published more than 50...