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Camacho Souza, Blase, 1918-

Blase Camacho Souza is a second generation Puerto Rican Hawaiian, the granddaughter of contract laborers who emigrated from Puerto Rico in 1901 to work in Hawaiian sugar plantations. Trained as a librarian and educator she has done extensive research, lecturing and writing on the migration experience of Puerto Ricans in Hawaii and on Hawaiian culture and history. She is co-founder and first President of the Puerto Rican Heritage Society. Her works include De Borinquen a Hawaii: Nuestra Historia/From Puerto Rico to Hawaii: Our Story and an unpublished manuscript titled Puerto Ricans of Hawaii: 100 Years. She is also the co-editor of a recovered work by Carlos Mario Fraticelli titled A Puerto Rican Poet on the Sugar Plantations of Hawaii.

From the description of Papers, 1899- 2003 ; bulk: 1970-2002. (Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos). WorldCat record id: 154330892

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Camacho Souza, Blase. (person)

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