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Satterfield, David Edward, 1920-1988.

Congressman from Virginia.

Born in Richmond, Virginia in 1920. Attended the University of Richmond. Served in the United States Navy, 1942-1945. Member of the Naval Air Force Reserves from 1946. Admitted to the Bar in 1948. Assistant U.S. Attorney, 1950-1953. City of Richmond Councilman, 1954-1956. Member of the Virginia State House of Delegates, 1960-1964. U.S. Representative from Virginia's 3rd district, 1965-1981. Satterfield was a conservative Democrat who opposed civil rights and social legislation. He favored programs for Veterans and supported a balanced budget. Along with other conservative Democrats, he founded the Democratic Research Organization in 1972, and chaired it for 2 years.


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Satterfield, David Edward, 1920- (person)

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