Hostos, Eugenio Carlos de, 1879-1959

Variant names
Birth 1879
Death 1959

Biographical notes:

Biographical Note

Eugenio María de Hostos

1839, Jan. 11 Born, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 1852 Studied at the Institute of Bilbao and the University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain 1860 J.D., Central University of Madrid Law School, Madrid, Spain 1860 1869 Active in Spanish politics, advocating the independence of Puerto Rico and Cuba 1863 Published La peregrinacion de Bayoán. Madrid: Imprenta del Comercio 1869 Banished from Spain after denouncing Emelio Castelar, Spain’s first republican president, for refusing to grant independence to Puerto Rico and Cuba Emigrated to the United States and became editor of La revolución, newspaper of the Cuban Revolutionary Junta of pro-independence Cuban exiles in New York City 1870 Toured South America to generate support for the Puerto Rican and Cuban independence movements and to promote education reforms 1871? 1874? Teacher, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile 1872 Published Hamlet: ensayo crítico. Santiago: Imprenta de Ferrocarril 1875 Editor, Las tres Antillas, Dominican Republic 1877 Married Belinda Otilia de Ayala, daughter of a Cuban emigré, in Venezuela 1880 1888 Inspector general of public instruction, Dominican Republic 1887 Published Lecciones de derecho constitucional. Santo Domingo: Cuna de América 1888 Published Moral social. Santo Domingo: Imprenta de Garcia Hermanos 1888 1890 Headmaster, Miguel Luis Amunátequi secondary school, Chile 1890 1898 Professor, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile 1895 Published Geografía evolutiva. Santiago de Chile: R. Miranda 1898 Returned to Puerto Rico to work for Puerto Rican and Cuban independence Formed the League of Puerto Rican Patriots 1899 Led commission to President William McKinley to ask for Puerto Rican freedom 1903, Aug. 11 Died, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Eugenio Carlos de Hostos

1879, Aug. 26 Born, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, son of Eugenio María de Hostos 1896 Graduated, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile 1898 Graduated, Chilean Army Military Academy 1901 Graduated, University of Santo Domingo Law School, Dominican Republic 1905 Second Lieutenant, Porto Rico Regiment of Infantry, U.S. Army 1906 Promoted to first lieutenant 1913 1916 Aide-de-camp to the governor of Puerto Rico 1914 Married Josefa Adela (“Mignon”) MacCormick (died 1958) 1916 Promoted to captain 1917 1919 Stationed at Camp E. S. Otis, Panama Canal Zone, with the Porto Rico Regiment of Infantry. Military Intelligence Service, missions to Columbia, Chiriqui, Panama Republic, and Guatemala. Commanding officer, 1918 1918 1919 Promoted to major, then to lieutenant colonel and made battalion commander 1919 Returned to Puerto Rico with the Porto Rico Regiment of Infantry 1924 Reserve officer, U.S. Army 1935 Purchased as family home the castle of Sotomayor, Pontevedra, Spain 1940 Published with Adolfo de Hostos Indice hemero-bibliográfico de Eugenio María de Hostos. Havana: Cultural, s.a. 1952 Published Antología. Prólogo por Pedro Henríquez Ureña; selección, arreglo y apéndice por Eugenio Carlos de Hostos (editor). Madrid: Litografía y Encuadernación Published Hostos, hispanoamericanista: colección de ensayos acerca de Eugenio María de Hostos (editor). Madrid: Litografía y Encuadernación 1953 Published Eugenio María de Hostos, Promoter of Panamericanism. Madrid: Litografía y Encuadernación 1954 Published España y América. Prólogo por Francisco Elías de Tejada. Recopilación y arreglo por Eugenio Carlos de Hostos (editor). Paris: Ediciones Literarias y Artísticas 1959, May 27 Died, Madrid, Spain

From the guide to the Eugenio María de Hostos and Eugenio Carlos de Hostos Papers, 1865-1990, (bulk 1870-1959), (Manuscript Division Library of Congress)


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