Northrup, Cynthia Ellen, 1950-1989

Variant names
Birth 1950-06-11
Death 1989-11-06
Active 1950
Active 1997

Biographical notes:

Cynthia E. Northrop was born on June 11, 1950, in North Tonawanda, New York. She earned a master's degree in nursing from the University of Maryland and studied law at the University of Baltimore. She founded the American Association of Nurse Attorneys in 1977 and served as president from the time of its incorporation in 1982 until 1985. Throughout her life she worked as public health nurse, a professor, and a lawyer in private practice. With Mary E. Kelly, she wrote the book Legal Issues in Nursing, published in 1987. Northrop married Harvey C. Dzodin in 1984. She died of colon cancer on November 6, 1989.

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