Wolfe, Harry Kirke, 1858-1918

Variant names
Birth 1858-11-10
Death 1918

Biographical notes:

Harry Kirk Wolfe was born in 1858 in Indiana. Wolfe received his bachelor's degree from the University of Nebraska in 1880. He studied in Leipzig Germany following his graduation. Returning to Lincoln, he began teaching at the University in 1891 though he was removed from his position in 1897. After leaving the university, Wolfe served as a school superintendent in South Omaha until 1902, and then as principal at Lincoln High School. In 1905, the university rehired Wolfe and he became head of the Philosophy Department. During World War I, Wolfe faced questions on his loyalty to the United States and provided testimony at a trial held by the Board of Regents. Accusations against Wolfe were proved groundless. Wolfe taught until his death on July 30, 1918. The first endowment for student funds at the University of Nebraska, the Harry Kirke Wolfe Research Fellowship, was named in his honor.

From the guide to the Harry Kirke Wolfe, Philosophy Papers, 1889-1918

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