Taxpayers United Federation.

The Taxpayers United Federation, Inc. (TUF) was formed in 1979 when the Taxpayers Federation of Michigan, Inc. (TFOM), led by Allan Schmid, and Taxpayers United for Tax Limitation, Inc. (TUTL)headed by William Shaker, consolidated.

Prior to 1979, both TFOM and TUTL were active in efforts to curb the growth of state and local taxes. TUTL, in particular, was the driving force behind the successful effort to place Proposal C, a tax limitation proposal, on the ballot in 1976. After the ballot failed to carry, the organizations chose Richard Headlee as their spokesman and renewed their efforts. They organized crucial grassroots support and received vital corporate financial backing, such as that offered by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos, founders of Amway Corporation. Their diligence paid off in 1978, when Proposal E, designed to place limitations on various local taxes and state taxation and spending, was approved by Michigan voters.


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