Mills, Abbot Low, 1898-1986

Abbot Low Mills Jr. (1898-1986) was born in Portland, Oregon and educated at Harvard. His father, Abbot Low Mills, was president of the First National Bank of Portland. Mills, Jr. started working for the bank as a messenger in 1922 after graduating from college. He eventually became vice-president of the First National Bank of Portland, and vice-president and director of U. S. National Bank, Portland. In 1952, President Truman nominated Mills Jr. to serve on the board of governors of the Federal Reserve System; he served until 1965.

Mills Jr. also served on committees analyzing Portland's financial condition under two different mayors and was a member of the Governor's Commission on Small Business. He also served on the Merit System Council of the Oregon State Welfare Commission. Mills Jr. and his wife, the former Katherine Ainsworth, were patrons of the arts, and he was a trustee of the Portland Art Association.


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