Cassetti, Robert, 1957

Robert Cassetti, earned a BFA from Carnegie-Mellon College of Fine Arts and began work as a designer for Steuben Glass in 1987. He was named design director in 1992. Cassetti joined The Corning Museum of Glass in 1999 as manager of education and creative services, later becoming a director of the Museum. He was named senior director in 2007 through his retirement in 2020. During his tenure at the Museum, Cassetti developed and championed a series of signature programs that have transformed the public profile of the institution. He also helped plan a major expansion of the Museum, and led an exhibit development team composed of writers, designers, and scientists to plan the Museum's Glass Innovation Center.

His work has appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times, Architectural Record, and Architecture. He has spoken widely on museum planning and glass technology, including broadcast appearances on Discovery, National Public Radio, Martha Stewart, The History Channel, and PBS. Cassetti is the former President of the Board of Trustees of The Museum Association of New York, and a member of the Corning Incorporated architectural advisory committee.

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