Reisman, Joe

Joe Reisman (b. Dallas, TX, 16 Sept. 1924, d. Los Angeles, CA, 15 Sept. 1987) was raised in Ennis, Texas, and attended Baylor University, Texas Western College and Texas Christian University before starting his music career as a saxophonist and arranger with the Herb Miller band. Through the late 1940s he also toured with and arranged for Jimmy Joy, Bob Crosby, Jack Teagarden, Louis Prima, Glen Gray, Sam Donahue, Frankie Masters and Johnny “Scat” Davis.

Reisman met Patti Page when both were in the Joy band, and from 1950 - 1955 he was her principal arranger and conductor. His arrangements for Page included the major hits Tennesee Waltz, Doggie In The Window, Changing Partners, Cross Over The Bridge, I Went To Your Wedding, Mocking Bird Hill and Mr. and Mrs. Mississippi . He also arranged for her television series Scott Music Hall Presents Patti Page and Oldsmobile Presents Patti Page, and composed and produced the main title and prologue music for the film Indiscretions Of An American Wife (1953), performed by Page.


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