Toombs, Henry (Henry Johnston), 1896-1967

Henry J. Toombs, architect and sculptor, was born in Cuthbert, GA; attended the U.S. Naval Academy, 1913-1916; received B.S. (1921) and M.A. (1923) degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in architecture; worked for McKim, Mead, and White, New York architects; began independent architectural work for the Roosevelt family, ca. 1926; associated with Eric Gugler, architectural offices in New York City; served as architect for Georgia Warm Springs Foundation; opened offices in Warm Springs and Atlanta, GA, 1937; Capt. U.S. Army Air Corps, 1941-1944; established partnership of Toombs & Creighton, 1946; terminated that partnership in 1949 and established Toombs & Company, which later became Toombs, Amisano, and Wells, Architects, with offices in Atlanta.

Mr. Toombs was architect for a wide variety of buildings and projects during his lifetime; some of the more important are: residences for President Franklin D. Roosevelt at Hyde Park, NY, and Warm Springs, GA (the Little White House); Memorial Library, Hyde Park, NY; buildings and grounds at Georgia Warm Springs Foundation; alterations for various Federal Reserve Banks; additions to Rich's Inc., Atlanta; American Military Cemetery at Draguignan, France; Atlanta Memorial Cultural Center; C & S Bank Building, Atlanta; and numerous private residences. A more complete list of architectural projects appears in Series One of the inventory.


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