Němeček, Anna.

"I detest being surrounded by bars" (Josef Navara in Nemecek's book Tvrdá zeme )

When, in January 1940, Zdenek Nemecek was asked by the Public Library of Hradec Králové, Czechoslovakia, and by other regional institutions to contribute to their planned literary almanac, his choice was clear. He produced an excellent essay about his beloved birthplace, Josefov, a former Austrian fortress in northeastern Bohemia, not far from Hradec Králové. It was situated on the hill of the once peaceful village Ples, hence his use of this name as a pseudonym. The first "civil" house in that fortress was built in 1790. There, on February 19, 1894, Zdenek Nemecek was born: playwright, novelist, poet, storyteller and short story writer; the author of countless radio scripts and an editor, (later senior editor) of Radio Free Europe; broadcaster, diplomat, writer of travel books; Czech legionary, chronicler, librarian, thinker, insurance agent, speaker, connoisseur of many lands and languages, fighter against Nazism and Communism, political prisoner, and, above all, Czech patriot. A man who, throughout his productive but difficult life, always felt an undiminished love for his fatherland, despite physical distances.


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