Held, Anna, 1877?-1918

Anna Held was born March 8, 1873 in Warsaw, Poland. At about seven years old she immigrated to Paris, France with her parents. After the death of her father, Anna and her mother moved to London, England where she soon began her career on the stage. Anna Held's first husband was Maximo Carrera, a South American businessman whom she met in Paris. By that time she was already a musical comedy star and had attracted the eye of Florenz Ziegfeld, who signed her to a contract to tour America. She moved to the United States leaving her husband and daughter, Liane in Paris. After completing the tour she starred on Broadway for Ziegfeld.

In 1897 Anna Held divorced her husband and married Ziegfeld. In 1912, she divorced Ziegfeld who then married Billie Burke. Anna Held died on August 2, 1918 leaving her entire estate to her daughter Liane.


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