Bailey, F.M. (Frederick Marshman), 1882-1967

1901-1903 17th Bengal Lancers; 1903-1905 32nd Sikh Pioneers; 1903-1904 British Tibet Expedition; 1904-1905 exploration party to western Tibet; 1905 Indian Political Department; 1905-1909 British trade agent at Gyantse; 1912 Gill Memorial, Royal Geographical Society; 1914 Macgregor Medal, Royal United Service Institution; 1915-1916 Indian Expeditionary Force; 1915 CIE; 1917-1918 political officer, Mesopotamia and Persia; 1918-1920 Mission in central Asia; 1920 Livingstone Gold medal, Royal Geographical Society; 1921-1932 political officer Sikkim; 1930-1932 political agent, central India; 1932-1933 resident in Kashmir; 1935-1938 envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary at the court of Nepal; 1939-1942 Home Guard, in charge of the north Norfolk auxiliary units; 1942-1943 King's messenger in Central and South America

Epithet: army officer, explorer and naturalist


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