Chicago Business Men's Orchestra.

Symphony orchestra based in Chicago.

Founded in 1921 by State Street businessman and bass player George Lytton as the Chicago Business Men's Orchestra, membership was drawn from the business and professional men who worked in the downtown area. These men were not only successful businessmen but also accomplished musicians. The Orchestra had an excellent reputation, giving local amateur players an opportunity to perform a varied repertoire of classical music. By 1941, when the orchestra consisted of 115 Chicagoans, 25 of its players were presidents or vice presidents of local businesses. However, through the first twenty years the membership included accountants, doctors, engineers, a farmer, a postman; in fact, anyone who could be chosen from the waiting list of 200 hopefuls. Concerts were played in Orchestra Hall under the direction of such noteworthy conductors as Frederick Stock and Rafael Kubelik. Eventually, the Chicago Business Men's Orchestra became known as the Chicago Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.


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