George W. Balloch, General, 1845-1902

George Balloch (1825-1907) was born in Claremont, NH. During the Civil War, he served with the Fifth New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry Regiment, which was assigned to General Oliver Otis Howard's brigade, thus beginning a connection with General Howard that would last throughout and beyond the Civil War. Balloch served as commissary of subsistence under O. O. Howard for most of the war. Following the war, George W. Balloch served as chief disbursing officer of the newly-created Freedmen's Bureau until 1871. Later he worked in both the banking and insurance businesses. He married Martha Jane Palmer (d. 1900) in 1849 and the couple had eight children.

1825 December 3 Born in West Claremont, New Hampshire the son of George Williamson and Amanda (West) Balloch. 1844 1847 Attended Norwich University in Vermont 1849 Married Martha J. Palmer 1856 58 Town Clerk of Sommerworth, New Hampshire 1858 The first Police Justice of Somerworth, New Hampshire 1861 Appointed First Lieutenant Company D under General Oliver Otis Howard. 1865 Appointed Colonel and Inspector of Subsistence and assigned to Freedmen's Bureau. 1865 Received honorary A.M. from Norwich University. 1865 1871 Served as Chief Disbursing Officer of the Freedmen's Bureau 1868 Mustered out of service as Captain and Community of Subsistence, having been brevetted successively Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel and Brigadier General of Volunteers. 1868 1871 Served as Superintendent of Streets for Washington, D.C. 1867 1872 Served as the first treasurer of the Board of Trustees of Howard University 1867 1902 Served on the Board of Trustees of Howard University

From the guide to the George Williamson Balloch Papers, 1865-1902, (Moorland-Spingarn Research Center, Howard University)

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