99 Cent Floating Theatre.


Sponsored "lost cost" performances for Pittsburgh audiences of alternative or experimental theater and dance forms. Persons of note include: Jerzy Grotowski, Jerry Mayer, Charles Ludlam, Merdith Monk, Marty Arden, Joanne Akalaitis, Pat Carroll, Martha Chew, Ken Feit, Mario Fratti, John Harvey, Larry Kornfeld, Dan Lawrence, Linda Marcus, Richard Hughes, Ping Chong, Joe Pilato, Don Marinelli, Leon Katz, and Ron Wisniski. Theater companies of note include: Universal Movement Theatre Repertory, Theatre X (Chicago, Ill.), Theatre Rhinoceros (San Francisco), Theatre Express (Pittsburgh, Pa.), Mabou Mines (N.Y.C.), Stage One Theatre Lab, Siamsa (National Folk Theatre of Ireland), San Francisco Mime Troupe, Rhode Island Feminist Theatre, Red Clay Ramblers, Red Mole Enterprise, Pittsburgh Laboratory Theatre, Phoenix Dance Theatre, Pigeon Drop Theatre Company, Organic Theatre Company, Lost Nation Theatre, Illusion Theatre, Fiji Theatre, Bread and Puppet Theatre, Independent Eye (Lancaster, Pa.), Ridiculous Theatrical Company (N.Y.C.).


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