Strozier, Robert Manning, 1906-1960

Robert Manning Strozier was born July 20, 1906, in McRae, Georgia. He received his Bachelor's and Mater's degrees from Emory University. In 1930, he began teaching French at the Georgia College for Men at Tifton, and later served on the faculties of West Georgia College and the University of Georgia. He received his Ph. D. from University of Chicago in 1945. While in Chicago, he met and married Margaret Burnett in 1937.

Strozier became president of Florida State University in September 1957, after 27 years of college teaching and administration in three Georgia institutions. He was also Dean of Students and a professor at the University of Chicago. It was his goal to make Florida State a "Great University." While in Chicago for a speaking engagement, Dr. Strozier suffered a heart attack and died on April 20, 1960.


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