Smalley, Richard E. 1943-2005

Richard E. Smalley (1943- ), the Gene and Norman Hackerman Professor of Chemistry since 1982 and Professor of Physics at Rice University since 1990, has been affiliated with Rice since 1976. A co-founder of the Rice Quantum Institute in 1979, he has served as its chairman since 1986, and is the director of the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology. Smalley has pioneered advances in the development of supersonic beam laser spectroscopy, super-cold pulsed beams, and laser-driven sources of free radicals, triplets, and metal and semiconductor cluster beams. He discovered and characterized fullerenes, the third elemental form of carbon after graphite and diamond, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize.

From the description of Guide to Richard Smalley papers, 1990-1998, (bulk 1990-1993). (Rice University). WorldCat record id: 56772155

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