Caird, Professor Edward (1835-1908: Philosopher, minister and Professor of Moral Philosophy, University of Glasgow, 1886-1893)

Professor Edward Caird, 1835-1908, was born at Greenock, Inverclyde, Scotland, in 1835 . He was the younger brother of John Caird, 1820-1898, Principal of the University of Glasgow , Scotland, 1873-1898 . Edward Caird was educated at Greenock Grammar school before he attended the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and then Balliol College, Oxford, England. He received his LLD from the University of St Andrews, Scotland in 1883 and another LLD from the University of Glasgow in 1894. He received his DCL from the University of Oxford in 1891 . He went on to receive his two DLitt, one from the University of Cambridge, England in 1898, and the other from the University of Wales in 1902. He became a fellow and tutor of Merton College, Oxford in 1864, before being appointed Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Glasgow in 1866 . There he remained until 1893 when he took up the position of Master of Balliol College, Oxford, where he worked until his resignation in 1907. He produced numerous publications, which covered topics such as the philosophy of Kant, the religion and social philosophy of Comte, and the evolution of religion. He died in 1908 .

Sources: Who was Who, 1897-1915, (London, 1935); Fasti Ecclesiae Scotican Ae, III, (Edinburgh, 1920).


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