Subbotić-Pereplotchikov Family.

Dr. Ivan Subbotić was a diplomat, permanent delegate of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia to the League of Nations in Geneva (1935-1939), royal minister extraordinary and plenipotentiary in London (1939-1941), Yugoslavia's representative to the American Red Cross, Doctor of Law, member of the prominent New York law firm of Coudert Brothers, professor of international comparative law at the New York Law School.

Ivan Subbotić was born in Belgrade on November 1, 1893, to a prominent Serbian family. His grandfather, Jovan, was a well-known poet and writer considered one of the most important Serbian authors. His father, Vojislav Subbotić, was a famous Belgrade surgeon and one of the founders of the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, where he taught as a professor. Subbotić received his elementary and secondary education in Belgrade, then studied in Vienna and at the University of Lausanne, where he earned a doctorate in law. As a 19-year-old student, he volunteered for the Serbian Army and served in the Balkan wars against Turkey and Bulgaria in 1912-1913 and against Austria-Hungary in World War I. He emerged from these wars with the rank of lieutenant of cavalry and several military decorations for bravery.


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