Linebarger, Paul Myron, 1871-1939

Paul Myron Wentworth Linebarger (1871-1939) was a lawyer and author. He was an associate and advisor to Sun Yat-sen, 1907-1925, and legal advisor to the National Government of China, 1930-1937. He served as a circuit judge in the Philippines, 1901-1907, but resigned his position to actively support the political movement of Sun Yat-sen. He became an organizer in Mexico for Dr. Sun's secret society, Teng Meng Hui, which overthrew the Manchu Dynasty. In 1913, Linebarger wrote Our Chinese Chances which was circulated by Dr. Sun's political party, the Kuomingtang. In 1917, Linebarger became editor-in-chief of a monthly magazine, The Chinese Nationalist .

From the guide to the Manuscript of Paul Myron Wentworth Linebarger's Autobiography, "Counsellor to Sun Yat-sen", 1936, (Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida)


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