Westwood, Jean

Francis Jean Miles Westwood was born November 22, 1923, in Price, Utah, to Francis M. and Nettie Potter Miles. She was married September 6, 1941, to Richard E. Westwood, and has two children and ten grandchildren. She and her husband have been in business as owners of the Westwood Mink Farms of West Jordan and Highland, Utah, for over twenty-five years. She and her husband are also equal partners in Westwood Enterprises, which is involved in the construction of middle and low-income housing and apartment buildings.

Jean Westwood was educated at Carbon Jr. College, San Diego State University, the University of California at Los Angeles, Utah State University, and the University of Utah, taking courses in history and political science. She was a winner of the Eugene Field Award, Writer's Digest Short Story Contest, and has had numerous stories and articles published.


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