Uribe Uribe, Rafael, 1859-1914

Rafael Uribe Uribe, politician, lawyer, journalist, diplomat, general, and Colombia Liberal Party (Partido Liberal (Colombia)) leader, was born in Valparaiso, Colombia, in 1859. Early on, he was involved in various military campaigns, fighting in civil wars that erupted in Colombia throughout the late 1800s. In the early 1900s, he began to concentrate his efforts in journalism and political matters and was actively involved in promoting progressive ideals in a country torn by long-standing political, social, and economic strife. Uribe Uribe died on 16 October 1914 as a result of an ax attack by two individuals while he was walking by the Capitolio Nacional in Bogota, Colombia.

From the description of Rafael Uribe Uribe papers, 1895-1959 (bulk 1913-1914). WorldCat record id: 704294058


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