Foster, Francis Charles, 1829-1915.

Francis Charles Foster, 1829-1915, was the son of Leonard Foster of Boston. Francis graduated from Harvard in 1850 and then took over the family investments, mainly centered on Foster's Wharf in Boston, which prospered under his hand. In order to preserve him from an "unsuitable female," Francis' father sent him off to Europe on the grand Tour from 1854-1856. On his return, he settled down in Cambridge and married Marion Padelford of Savannah, GA. They had three children: Leonard, 1857-1884; Caroline, 1861-1928 who married C. Bors Isdahl, and Francis Apthorp, 1872-1966, none of whom had any descendants. Francis lived in Cambridge in the winter and summered at Woods Hole.

From the description of Francis Charles Foster papers, 1844-1915. (New England Historic Genealogical Society). WorldCat record id: 64434444

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