Nicosia, Gerald.

Home to War: A History of the Vietnam Veterans Movement has been referred to as the definitive work on Vietnam veterans' recovery, healing, and readjustment, 1960s to the present. Written by Gerald Nicosia and published in 2001, the book contains interviews and details gathered through 20 years of Nicosia's work with Vietnam veterans, studying and documenting them as well as aiding in their recovery from the Vietnam War. The Los Angeles Times bestowed it the honor of one of the best books of 2001, and the Bay Area Book Reviewers Association nominated it for the best nonfiction of 2001.

Gerald Nicosia (1949-), born in Illinois, received his B.A. (1971) and M.A. (1973) in English and American Literature, with Highest Distinction in English, from the University of Illinois, Chicago. He is renowned for his biography of Jack Kerouac, Memory Babe (1983). He also edited and published Jan Kerouac: A Life in Memory (2009), about Jack Kerouac⁰́₉s daughter, the novelist and poet. Nicosia has worked as a freelance journalist, interviewer, and literary critic. Additionally, he has been a professor of creative writing and journalism, a scriptwriter and narrator for public television, and a poet and fiction author.


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