Melhus, Irving E., 1881-1969

Plant pathologist. Irving E. Melhus received his B.S. (1906) from Iowa State College and his Ph. D. (1912) from the University of Wisconsin. He taught high school in Iowa (1907-1908); was an Assistant (1908-1909) and Instructor (1910-1911) in Botany at the University of Wisconsin; a Plant Pathologist for the Dept. of Agriculture (1912-1916); and then became an Associate Professor and Professor (1916-1969) of Plant Pathology at Iowa State College.

Melhus served as the state botanist of Iowa (1937-1946) and also directed the Guatemala Tropical Research Center (1946). He was a member of numerous botanical societies, including the American Phytopathological Society, the Botanical Society of America, the Crop Protection Institute, and the Torrey Botanical Club.


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