Urquhart, Brian

Sir Brian Urquhart was born on Feb. 28, 1919; educated at Westminster School and Christ Church, Oxford Univ.; served in the Dorset Regiment and Airborne Forces during World War II; personal asst. to Gladwyn Jebb, Executive Secretary of the Preparatory Commission of the United Nations, London, 1945-46; personal asst. to Trygve Lie, 1st secretary general of the United Nations, 1946-49; member, Office of Undersecretary General For Special Political Affairs, 1954-71; active in organization and direction of UN Emergency Force in Middle East, 1956; assistant to the secretary general's special representative in the Congo, 1960, and UN Representative in Katanga, Congo, 1961-62; responsible for organization and direction of UN peace-keeping operations and special political assignments; Asst. Secretary General of the UN, 1972-74; publications include Hammarskjold (1972) and Ralph Bunche : an American life (1993); Bunche was born in Detroit, MI, on Aug. 7, 1904; AB, UCLA, 1927; AM, 1928, and Ph. D., 1934, Harvard Univ.; professor at Howard Univ. from 1929-1950, and at Harvard, 1950-1952; in 1948 joined Permanent Secretariat of UN; undersecretary for special political affairs, UN, 1958-67; became undersecretary general in 1968; awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1950; died in NY, on Dec. 9, 1971.

From the description of Collection of material about Ralph Bunche, ca. 1932-1972. (University of California, Los Angeles). WorldCat record id: 39812966


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