Peabody, Francis Greenwood, 1847-1936

Francis Greenwood Peabody (1847-1936) graduated from Harvard College in 1869 and Harvard Divinity School in 1872. Ordained in 1874, Peabody served the First Parish (Unitarian) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, until 1879. Peabody then joined the faculty of Harvard Divinity School teaching theological students Christian ethics, specializing in pioneer applications of religion to social problems. He was the Parkman Professor of Theology from 1881 to 1885 and then the Plummer Professor of Christian Morals. He also served as Dean of Harvard Divinity School from 1901 to 1906, and retired from teaching in 1913. His primary book, Jesus Christ and the Social Question, called for social reform rather than a radical reconstruction of society. It emphasized cooperation rather than class conflict. Some of Peabody's most well-known works are Jesus Christ and the Christian Character (1905), The Christian Life in the Modern World (1914), The Apostle Paul and the Modern World (1923), and The Church of the Spirit (1925). Peabody also served for 40 years as a trustee of the Hampton Institute, designed to promote the advancement of the American Indian and the American Negro.

From the guide to the Peabody, Francis Greenwood, 1847-1936. Addresses and lectures, and n.d.., 1915, 1923, (Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School)


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