Kogan, Belle, 1902-2000

Industrial designer, of Russian birth, who was trained in art and manufacturing in the United States. She opened her own design studio, Belle Kogan Associates (BKA) in New York City in the early 1930s and did free-lance design work in a variety of materials until her retirement in 1972. Miss Kogan's corporate clients included, among others, Reed & Barton, Ebeling & Reuss, Towle Manufacturing Co., Federal Glass Co., Red Wing Potteries, Bausch & Lomb, Boonton Molding Co., U.S. Glass Co., Bakelite Corp., Muench-Kreuzer Candle Co., Libbey Glass, National Brush Co., Prolon Plastics, Dow Chemical, Beacon Plastics, Haviland China Co., Mallory Randall and Maryland Plastics Co.

From the description of Belle Kogan, "first American woman industrial designer", 1929-1998. (Smithsonian Institution Libraries). WorldCat record id: 44697613


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