Sandlin, John Lewis

John Lewis Sandlin, son of John Lafayette Sandlin and Eva Lewis Sandlin, was born October 3, 1908 in Ozark, Alabama. A graduate of the College of Charleston and Candler School of Theology, Sandlin was admitted to the South Carolina Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South in 1936. In addition to pastoral appointments in South Carolina, Sandlin served as professor and chairman of the Columbia College Department of Religion (1947-1952), as editor of the Southern Christian Advocate (1948-1949), and as an editor with the Board of Evangelism in Nashville (1956-1966). Sandlin wrote ten books and co-authored four others. He also wrote columns for several religious journals and wrote for the International Lesson Series of Sunday school lessons for over ten years. After retiring in 1975, Sandlin served as a chaplain at Richland Memorial Hospital and Crafts-Farrow State Hospital in Columbia, S.C. He was a founder and the first president of the South Carolina Conference Retired Ministers Association. Sandlin died on February 20, 1993.

Sandlin married Eugenia Cleo Westcoat on August 22, 1939. The couple had three children.


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