Mannheim, Karl, 1893-1947

Karl Mannheim (1893-1947), an Austro-Hungarian sociologist and historian, born and educated in Hungary, and originator of 'sociology of knowledge' study of science as a social organization, work on problems of leadership and consensus. A member of the Lukacs circle in Hungary, he taught at Heidelberg, 1926-30; Frankfurt am Main,1930-33; and the University of London, 1933-47. His publications include Ideology and Utopia, 1929 and Freedom, Power, and Democratic Planning, 1950. In his historical writings he emphasized the role of social values. Mannheim was influenced by, but critical of Karl Marx. His essays were influential in developing the field of the sociology of knowledge, which studies how ideas should be analyzed in their social context.

Reference: Columbia Encyclopediea (6th Edition, 2001 at Accessed December 2001.


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