Johnson, George P., 1885-1977.

George Perry Johnson was born in Colorado Springs, CO, Oct. 29, 1885; after his graduation from the Hampton Institute, VA (1904), he settled in Tulsa, OK and started the first Negro paper in the territory, the Tulsa guide (June 9, 1906); moved to Omaha, NE (1913) and was the first Negro employee at the US Post Office in that city; he eventually moved to Los Angeles and continued working for the post office while he worked as a writer, producer, and distributor for the Lincoln Motion Picture Company (1916-23); after the company closed, he established and ran the Pacific Coast News Bureau for the dissemination of Negro news of national importance (1923-27); he started the Negro in film collection about the time he started working for Lincoln; he died Oct. 17, 1977.

From the description of Negro film collection 1916-1977. (University of California, Los Angeles). WorldCat record id: 40351943


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