Pearson, Lester B.

Lester B. "Mike" Pearson was a Canadian statesman and politician, perhaps best known as Canada's fourteenth Prime Minister. Born in Ontario, he was educated at the University of Toronto, where he excelled at sports. He volunteered for service in World War I, eventually serving as a pilot with the Royal Flying Corps, then resumed his education at Oxford before becoming a professor and coach at the University of Toronto. He entered the foreign service, eventually serving as Ambassdor to the United States, before earning a seat in the House of Commons. He assumed a central role with the Liberal Party, culminating in two terms as Prime Minister. Among his many achievements are the 1957 Nobel Peace Prize, and helping to found the United Nations; as Prime Minister, he introduced universal health care, student loans, a forty-hour work week, and a race-free immigration system.

From the description of Lester B. Pearson letter to Ernest A. Costello, circa 1945. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 232360860

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