William & James Prichett (Firm).

William and James Prichett were curriers and leather merchants in Philadelphia in the early 19th century. William Prichett opened a shop at 127 Chestnut Street around 1813. He was joined by James Prichett in 1818. The firm apparently ran into difficulty in the financial turmoil of the early 1830s. William withdrew from the business around 1833 and James in 1835.

The firm maintained a large business, importing hides from Rio de Janeiro, La Guira, Pernambuco, Buenos Aires, Tampico, Spain and Germany. Calf, sheep, seal and deer skins and horse and buffalo hides were also purchased locally, and the Prichetts had trade contacts in New York, Wilmington, Richmond, Boston, Baltimore and rural Pennsylvania. The firm also purchased finished leather, including Spanish sole, buffalo, boot, welt, bellows, harness and bridle leather. The accounts also show purchases of plastering hair, oil, Spanish bark, scouring stones and currying knives. In 1832 a steam engine and governor for the tanyard was purchased from Rush & Muhlenburg of Philadelphia.


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