Green, Cecil Howard, 1900-2003

Cecil H. and Ida M. Green are best known for philanthropy. Beginning in 1950 they gave millions of dollars to various institutions and organizations, and by 1988 their donations amounted to more than $150 million. In addition to financial gifts, they served as chairpersons on various fund raising events that helped generate many more millions of dollars from other donors.

The Greens were not always millionaires. They started out on a modest income, and through hard work and perseverance slowly amassed their fortune. In fact, Cecil's first job out of graduate school paid him $55.00 a week. It was not until he and Ida purchased one fourth interest in Geophysical Services, Inc. for $75,000. This would eventually make them millionaires. The remainder of GSI was purchased by three other company employees: Erik Jonsson, Eugene McDermott, and H. Bates Peacock. The four partners' original investment totaled $300,000.


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