Layard, J. (John)

English anthropologist and Jungian psychotherapist, born in London, November 28, 1891. Studied at Cambridge with anthropologist W.H.R. Rivers, with whom he visited Melanesia. Spent a year during 1914-1915 on the island of Atchin in Vanuatu conducting ethnological field work. Also visited Vao; his monumental work Stone men of Malekula is based on the work done there. As a young adult, Layard was a psychotherapy patient, became involved in the Berlin homosexual scene, and survived two suicide attempts. Returned to England and resumed his career in anthropology at Oxford, publishing his two best known works in the early 1940s. Worked with Carl Jung in Zurich and began seeing patients as an analyst. Married Doris Dingwall in 1943. Died on November 26, 1974. Two of his monographs were published posthumously.

From the description of John Willoughby Layard papers [microform], 1897-1974. (University of California, San Diego). WorldCat record id: 758379878


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