Woolford, Bess Carroll

Sam Woolford was born on April 2, 1897 in Galton, Illinois and spent his childhood in many cities including San Antonio from 1908 to 1912. Mr. Woolford returned to San Antonio in 1919. He became a cub reporter beginning a long career with the San Antonio Light that same year. After reporting on the military in San Antonio, Mr. Woolford held several positions including Sunday Editor from 1928 and 1941 and City Editor from 1941 to 1946. He retired from the San Antonio Light in 1950.

While working at the paper, Mr. Woolford hired Bess Carroll as a cub reporter in 1923. She had written for and edited several small papers including the Sommerset News and the Harlandale Hearld . She became a features writer for the San Antonio Light and a correspondent for several Hearst wire services. She and Sam Woolford were married in 1932.


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