Mather, Bryant

Civil engineer. Mather, a native of Baltimore, Md., was born in 1916. He graduated with an A.B. (1936) from Johns Hopkins. He was employed as an assistant curator of minerals (1939-1941) at the Chicago Museum of Natural History; a geologist (1941-1942) and concrete research engineer (1942-1946) at the U.S. War Dept. Concrete Laboratory; and then he and his wife, Katharine Kniskern Mather, went to work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Mississippi.

His positions there included Chief of the Special Investigative Branch of the Concrete Division (1946-1965); Assistant Chief and Chief (1965-1992) of the Structural Laboratory; and he is currently the Director of the Structural Laboratory. His research interests are structural geology; composition and properties of concrete and concrete aggregates; methods of testing (particularly of dams); and butterflies and moths of Mississippi.


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