National Museum of American History (U.S.). Office of the Director.

The National Museum of American History (NMAH) was created as part of the United States National Museum on July 1, 1957. It was at first named the Museum of History and Technology. Its first Director, Frank A. Taylor, was appointed on April 16, 1958. He was succeeded by John Canfield Ewers, 1964-1965, and Robert P. Multhauf, 1966-1968. In 1969 the Museum received a new name, the National Museum of History and Technology, and a new Director, Daniel J. Boorstin. On Boorstin's resignation in 1973 he was succeeded by Brooke Hindle, 1974-1978. Roger G. Kennedy became Director in 1979 and remained Director after NMHT became the National Museum of American History in 1980, serving until 1992. He was succeeded by Spencer R. Crew as Acting Director, and Crew was named Director, 1994-2001. After Crew's departure, a search committee was organized to select a new director, and Marc J. Pachter, Director of National Portrait Gallery, served as Acting Director during the interim. Brent D. Glass was selected as Director in October 2002 and still serves to the present.

The Director is the chief administrative officer of the National Museum of American History.


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