Burt, William Austin, 1792-1858

Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, June 13, 1792; received a good education; was for some time an engineer in Erie, New York; came to Michigan, 1822; member of territorial council, 1826-27; settled in Washtenaw County, 1824; engaged in mill-building and local surveying, 1824-33; County surveyor, Macomb Co., 1831-34; Postmaster of Mt. Vernon for 24 years; invented solar compass; surveyed Upper Peninsula 1840-27; discovered 20 beds of iron ore, 1844-46; representative from Macomb County, 1853-1843; died August 18, 1858. (from Appleton. Mich. Biog. ; Dict. of Amer. Biog) (blue index cards)

From the description of William Austin Burt correspondence, 1840 (Detroit Public Library). WorldCat record id: 319063411


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