Fantuzzi, Gaetano 1708-1778

The Fantuzzi family originated as Elefantuzzi (Elephantutius) in Bologna. Gaetano, the son of Count Giacomo Fantuzzi and Laura Gottifredi, was born in 1708 at Gualdo near Ravenna. After studies in the humanities and philosophy at the college in Modena, Gaetano studied law at the University of Pisa under the direction of Professor Averani. In 1730 he went to Rome, where he was quickly noticed for his juridical and poetic talents. He entered the studio of Monsignor Peralta, auditor of the Spanish Rota, where he became the secretary. In 1738 he himself was named auditor of the Rota.

Benedict XIV appointed him regent of the Penitentiary and consultor to the Congregation of Rites. In 1758 Clement XIII named him a cardinal. He became prefect of the Congregation of Immunity and was a member of eight other congregations. In 1771 he was designated as protector of his native Ravenna. He participated in the conclaves of Clement XIV and Pius VI. At the time of the first he was momentarily a candidate of Cardinal Rezzonico. Upon his death in 1778 his collection of paintings was transported back to the family villa in Gualdo.


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